Unexplained spike in mosquito virus outbreak has linked to a Florida man infected by Zika

Unexplained spike in mosquito virus outbreak has linked to a Florida man infected by Zika

Rescue workers take여수출장안마 swimmers to shore Tuesday night, Sept. 18, 2016, as a mosquito carrying a newly discovered Zika virus disease, at the Miami-Dade Convention Center. (Photo: Nydia Velasco/Associated Press)

FEMA announced Tuesday that a Texas man was infected by Zika virus, which was confirmed by tests and confirmed by the U.S. Health and Human Services, which said it will p코인 카지노rovide a list of possible mosquito-borne diseases for a public-health response.

The outbreak began in March 2016 and spread to 18 states and Puerto Rico.

State health officials did not release specifics Tuesday, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in Miami, said the man had traveled to Venezuela and, later, Mexico.

Zika virus is spread from Aedes aegypti mosquito by either skin contact or bite victims. Because it is not spread through sex, people are not at increased risk of contracting the infection. But the virus can be transmitted through certain close contact with an infected person and by sharing towels, bedding, toys and bedding with others who also have symptoms of Zika, according to CDC.


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FEMA said the outbreak began in March 2016 in at least 21 countries as a result of the spread of Zika and at least one was identified. It has since spread to 23 other countries and territories, Florida reports.

The epidemic has brought the number of cases reported in Florida to nearly 20,000. All eight people infected so far are from the Tampa area, Florida Department of Health spokesman Dr. Ed Winterton said.

The Florida Department of Health has had to shut down three mosquito-control areas in the state because of the Zika outbreak, but mosquito-borne diseases usually last less than two weeks in the general population.

At the same time, people in Florida who work on or near beaches will likely start getting the vir제천출장샵 제천출장안마us when the mosquitoes come back with Zika after being in the region, so no one should bathe with clothes that are damp during the time when the virus i