Footy players rescued from park blaze were given a one-day pass

Footy players rescued from park blaze were given a one-day pass. Photo: AAP

The group managed to walk to the park and get around 30 players off the train, but were stranded for over an hour after the incident at Kavirapuram.

“Our club members from our village will go up to Rajasthan from Karnataka as part of the football series and train here. They will r성남안마eturn from the train tomorrow morning at 5 am,” said one club representative, who is from Meerut.

But the authorities have been tightlipped about the exact circumstances that led to the team’s delay.

“Police and the administration have been informed of this matter,” the principal spokesperson of Karnataka police said.

“The police and administration have been told that since the matter was handled in collaboration with the forest department, nothing illegal has been committed by either the forest department or other party,” she said.

The Forest department has received the allegations through the office of an officer of the police, but a probe is still under way.

The forest department has sent three police teams to check the forest for evidence of illegal dumping.

Also, forest department deputy commissioner (investigation) Vidyasagarajam had also sought de나비야tails of all the footballers involved in the incident.

However, a police official who was not at the spot of the incident told 수원출장마사지The Indian Express that there were no signs of illegal dumping at the park but a police team would soon visit it.