Police launch road safety crackdown, but not in New Zealand

Police launch road safety crackdown, but not in New Zealand

STACY SQUIRES/FAIRFAX NZ Police are investigating allegations of child sexual abuse on the roads.

Police have issued an advice about road safety to New Zealand drivers, with the aim of reducing “dangerous driving” and “improving road safety”.

All-clear messages were issued with the introduction of new Road Use Map guidelines that are due to be presented to road authorities in April, including a shift to warning about dangerous driving and driving when “in high spirits”.


* Roads closed after’massive, high-speed’ accident

* New Zealand-based police investigating claims of child sexual abuse on motorways

* Police investigating possible child abuse in car crash reports.

Police would not a더킹카지노nswer questions about the information they issued and did not give comment when contacted by the Sunday Star Times.

Some road users in New Zealand, including motorists travelling between Wellington and Dunedin, face “very long waiting times”, they said, and suggested they were frustrated by the situation.


“What we have to do is make them wait, because they are waiting for us to stop,” said one driver who did not wish to be named.

He described his wait time as 12-15 minutes.

“I haven’t been travelling for a few weeks, I have been driving for weeks but I haven’t seen the changes in traffic.

“We have a huge car park down here. We’re all stuck here. We’re all locked out of our cars, and they know that.

“It takes quite some time to get to the bus station, it has to be at a certain place, the buses stop here, and it’s all stuck.”

The driver, who did not wish to be named, said he had spent “over two hours, maybe three, hours” waiting.

Truck drivers were also reported to be frustrated by the situation, with one driver describing his “nightmarish” experience on an expressway in Dunedin.

“This has been going on for a while. I think they’re actually getting rid of all of the buses, they’re not letting drivers on these expressways right now. It’s just the bus drivers who are locked out, all the road users. I’ve been tra바카라vellin바카라g for 18 months now, and it’s not good.

“But if you look at our city, i