Police warn of bogus asphalting company

Police warn of bogus asphalting company

The state has recorded the highest number of fake asphalting companies in the past decade, officials say.

They say the phenomenon is believed to have occurred in some localities under the watch of the Communist Party but was largely overlooked due to the high cost of buying a fake asphalting.

But the authorities on Thursday said the number of fictitious asphalting companies in the district had surpassed those registered by the state government.

They include dozens of businesses selling fake asphalting stones.

Last month, state officials warned that any person suspected of trying to create a fake asphalting company must immediately be reported to police, as the practice was rife and the companies were likely to be더킹카지노 used for bribery.

The state’s chief information officer, Nadiya Vasayya, on Wednesday claimed that around 50 small-scale companies were being used by people in바카라 the district for the production of asphalting stones.

The asphalting industry relies heavily on local labour, and is responsible for around 50 per cent of the country’s asphalting product바카라사이트ion, she said.

According to the Ministry of Mines, a fake asphalting stone could yield an estimated US$80-90 and a year’s salary for one stone.