Join thousands of Canadian businesses that are already protected! PArT 1 CnA AnALysis of PhArmACisT CLosed ProfessionAL LiAbiLiTy CLAims . The Nurses Service Organization offers malpractice insurance just for nurses. . What is Pharmacist Insurance? We … It takes effect when your other liability policies run out so your entire business will be well protected. I've looked at HPSO and pharmacist mutual … Our online risk management CE modules provide you with access to a wealth of information that can help you manage your practice risks and lessen your … . APhA members receive discounted rates. A few years ago pharmacy and lawyer Kenneth Baker wrote an article for Drug Topics in which he shared his advice about purchasing pharmacy liability insurance. As of 2012, the HPSO/CNA program insured approximately 70,000 pharmacists. . These incidents … •Pharmacists •Physical Therapists •Psychoanalysts •Radiologic Techs •Social Workers •Speech Language Pathologists •Sports Medicine Therapists •Ultrasound Techs . . . I'm still a student, so I have liability insurance via APhA for 4th years. According to the Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) pharmacy malpractice insurance can often cover up to $1 million for each claim and $3 million for an annual aggregate. We still may be able to provide … . . His advice was: Buy insurance … By Timothy Ulbrich, … . Many of these … Business Insurance Pharmacists Mutual has over 100 years experience insuring the businesses of pharmacists. The industry leader in insurance for pharmacy, home medical equipment, and card & gift stores, Pharmacists Mutual offers a full line of business and professional insurance coverage. Peace of mind for as low as $106 a year! Question: which insurance did you go with? 1-800-665-3351 As HPSO’s strategic partner, APhA sponsors the organization’s professional liability insurance programs for pharmacists. It's comprehensive and covers pretty much everything, including Good Samaritan and Sexual Misconduct (except consulting, that requires an additional rider.) I have HPSO and have since I was licensed, for both hospital and retail. Archived. 96% of individuals who experienced a claim would recommend us to a family member or friend. . . . Coverage and cost seem to be the same. Any pharmacist who works for the National Acquisition Center or handles contracts should carry malpractice (and malfeseance) insurance due to the absolute certainty of being sued personally at least once by a mad supplier. . These include companies like Proliability, HPSO or Pharmacist’s Mutual. View complete Professions List. Life, Disability, and Hospital Indemnity Insurance … . Apply Now. 9,017 reviews for HPSO, rated 4.80 stars. . C. clachan3 Member. HPSO has been APhA's sponsored provider of malpractice insurance for more than 13 years. Many pharmacists or their pharmacies carry professional malpractice insurance through Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) or one of the other similar professional liability insurance companies. Hospital and compounding specialty locations have the highest average total incurred of all pharmacy … . Eligible Healthcare Professions. Any pharmacist policy should cover all expected job duties (like compounding, iv's, … If you don't have a login, register now. Apply Now. √ Other benefits, including access to HPSO professional liability insurance, APhA-sponosored Life, Disability, and Hospital Indemnity Insurance program, APhA VISA card, Credible student loan refinancing, discounted GEICO car insurance, and discounted Hertz rental cars "> Technician. . The feds do cover most (and in the case of certain jobs, all) of the costs associated with paying for private malpractice insurance … APhA promotes HPSO ( and ASHP promotes Affinity Group Services ( If you would like you can comment on your opinion if liability/malpractice insurance is worth it. Enter the numbers between dashes. Pharmacist Insurance provides financial protection against claims related to professional activities and business operations while fulfilling regulatory requirements. Apr 9, 2003 295 3 Visit site Status Pharmacist Jul 27, 2007 #2 I just started looking into liability insurance. . A note from APhA’s partner in financial education, Your Financial Pharmacist. 10+ Year Member. This plan is administered by Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) and underwritten by American Casualty Company of Reading, PA, a CNA Company. But from what I understand its affordable enough where it really doesn't make much sense to not get it. . Or, renew my existing HPSO policy. Also, you can check out Pharmacists Mutual at . HPSO got out of pharmacy insurance in 2014, and therefore cannot give the full coverage product, needing to outsource parts of our coverage. (See page 6.) Meeting the insurance needs of healthcare professionals for more than 40 years. Recommendations for Pharmacist Liability Insurance. Learn more. 96% of individuals who experienced a claim would recommend HPSO … Read real customer ratings and reviews or write your own. . The first thing I found was HPSO at APhAnet, and I also looked into Pharmacists … Share your voice on If you need to report a claim outside of regular business hours, please call our 24 hour emergency response line at. Partnership with over 50 leading Canadian insurance companies . Prices are similar across the board between pharmacist mutual, proliability, and hpso, but pharmacist mutual had slightly better coverage compared to hpso if sterile compounding is taken out of the equation. Umbrella Insurance … Below is a selection of the healthcare professions we insure. If you do not see your profession listed, please email us at or call 1-800-982-9491. . Get a Free Quote. . Make sure to check out the Healthcare Providers Service Organization, the APhA-sponsored professional liability insurance provider, for your own policy needs! Peace of Mind HPSO provides malpractice insurance to over 70+ healthcare professions. . PHARMACISTS MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY. . HPSO Professional Liability Insurance is designed to protect your assets and cover your expenses in the event of a suit being brought against you for malpractice. . Close. As a pharmacy technician, you play a vital role on the pharmacy … CNA and HPSO reported 1,409 medication-related incidents over the 10 years. . HPSO lists that the average cost for the defense of a pharmacist claim is $14,503, so these claims can get quite costly. The offline consensus I have gotten is Pharmacist Mutual, so I am taking to Reddit to make sure I haven't missed anything. Personal Insurance Pharmacists … In Internet Explorer: (This will also enable Cookies) From the Tool Bar click Tools, then click Internet Options; Click the Security … Malpractice Insurance for Healthcare Professionals. Hey guys. As a pharmacist, you have worked hard to get where you’re at today and an unforeseen disciplinary action or malpractice lawsuit can have consequences on both your career and financial future. Umbrella Insurance Umbrella Insurance goes the extra mile, protecting you from major claims and potential lawsuits. As a pharmacist… Or, renew my existing HPSO policy * Visit Reseller Ratings to read reviews posted by HPSO … Any preferences out there between HPSO and Pharmacists Mutual? It seems like HSPO offers coverage of more situations (legal defense if you’re subpoenaed but not directly sued, if you damage someone’s personal property) while pharmacists mutual offers higher levels of protection on … I don't know if there is any difference among the professional liability … If you belong to any professional organization you can probably get a discounted rate or at least a recommendation. COMPETITOR; Pharmacist Professional Liability Insurance: $1M/$3M or $2M/$4M coverage options: $1M/$3M or $2M/$4M coverage options: Tailored Coverages: Advanced Pharmacist License Coverage: Available-Sterile Compounding: Available-License Protection: $250,000 aggregate : $25,000 aggregate: Board of Pharmacy … Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions on HSPO vs Pharmacists Mutual for malpractice insurance. What they may not realize is that this insurance will pay for their legal defense expenses if there is a complaint filed against their pharmacist license or the pharmacy… If you are an employer or pharmacy owner, this is a type of insurance can also protect you from employee lawsuits. Chances are your employer provides professional liability insurance, but there are oftentimes limitations and you may not be fully … Was just wondering if you all carry liability insurance and if so which provider seems to be best. Posted by 3 years ago. CNA analysis. . HPSO & CNA are committed to providing the healthcare community with risk education. 15+ Year Member. Thanks … New pharmacist at CVS here. Once registered, you can access My Account with your username and password to perform any of the following actions: Also, in case anyone is wondering I work for a small independent pharmacy with about 50 employees. Example- if policy number is N-12345678-0, enter only 12345678 18. . CNA AND HPSO PHARMACIST LIABILITY CLAIM REPORT: 2nd Edition PART 1 4 Top 10 Findings from the Pharmacy Report Average total incurred of professional liability pharmacy closed claims is $124,407, a 22.8 percent increase since the 2013 report. Recommendations for Pharmacist Liability Insurance. I use pharmacist mutual. HPSO's Focus On: Malpractice Prevention for Pharmacists. Sponsored by . .
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