Currently many authors are keen on preperitoneal non laparoscopic minimal incision hernioplasty which result in few recently published operation techniques. Later such methods like TAPP and TEP were introduced. A total of 60 patients of uncomplicated inguinal hernia, who met the inclusion criteria, planned for lichtenstein hernioplasty were randomly divided into 2 groups with 30 cases with ilioinguinal nerve preservation (group A) and 30 cases with elective division of the nerve (group B). The next epoch in the history of hernia surgery lasting to present days is referred to as era of tensionless hernia repair. Background: Post-hernioplasty chronic groin pain is one of the most important complications encountered after inguinal hernia repair. Patients having sharp, shooting and radiating pain or numbness/pins and needle sensation were classified as having neuropathic pain and patients having dull, aching or irritating pain were classified as nociceptive pain. invagination of hernial sac, Group II underwent excision and high ligation of hernia sac). Eight (2.03%) patients had infection in the site of surgery [2 (1.27%) in the control group and 6 (2.53%) in the study group]. 7 The fi gures compel us to consider whether the recurrence of hernia has become secondary to CGP. This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness and efficacy of systemic prophylactic cefazolin in prevention of wound infection in various types of hernia repair with mesh materials. The first laparoscopic procedure was performed by P. Fletcher in 1979. [9], ... Fibrin glue is also said to be hemostatic and thus incidences of hematoma are also decreased [5]. When you apply strength to the stomach, the protruding part becomes hard and clear. between the two groups. Today, laparoscopy and robotics are at the forefront of advanced surgical tools and offer a range of options for general surgeons who are critically evaluating new procedures. part of an organ protrudes through an abnormal opening or in an abnormal way Preoperative administration of single-dose cefazolin for prosthetic hernia repairs did not markedly decrease the risk of wound infection. The tension of sutured layers was reduced by incisions of the rectal abdominal muscle sheath or using of foreign materials. The first laparoscopic procedure was performed by P. Fletcher in 1979. Lifting heavy weight is considered the main risk Background: The objective of the study was to evaluate effect of prophylactic ilio-inguinal neurectomy on incidence of chronic groin pain following the Lichtenstein tension free hernioplasty for inguinal hernia.Methods: This prospective study included male cases admitted with uncomplicated inguinal hernia. To quote John Bruce of Edinburgh: "The final word on hernia will probably never be written", ... Warto pamiętać, że urządzenia i techniki będą stale ewoluowały i chirurdzy na całym świecie będą wybierać spośród wielu opcji, z różnych powodów, niekoniecznie udowodnionych naukowo [46]. Inguinal Hernia Treatment If you have an inguinal hernia, a high-fiber diet with plenty of veggies, fresh fruits, and whole grains may help you avoid constipation , which can lead to painful symptoms. The most recent guideline regarding the management of hiatal hernia … However, in the past, surgery was performed only for the treatment of huge umbilical and groin hernias and lifethreatening incarcerated hernias. Fortunately, 92 (89.3%) patients had no surgical complications, and the complications were limited to hematoma in 3 cases (2.9%), wound infection in 3 cases (2.9%), Fournier‘s gangrene in 4 cases (3.9%), and bowel injury in 1 case (1%). Avoid foods that trigger heartburn, such as fatty or fried foods, tomato sauce, alcohol, chocolate, mint, garlic, onion, and caffeine 3. Laproscopic treatment of groin hernias began in 20th century. 20 Refi nements in instrumentation, techniques and the prosthesis have culminated in the current gold standard, i.e. Should minimally invasive hernia surgery be the standard of care? As patients become more aware of their options for hernia procedures and share their experiences, more and more patients are likely to demand a particular technique. Although post-operative hypo aesthesia was comparable between the groups at POD 3 (84.6% vs. 78.1%), it decreased significantly in group A at 3 months (27.6 % vs. 86.2%, p<0.001) when compared to group B.Conclusions: Prophylactic excision of ilio-inguinal nerve during Lichtenstein mesh hernia repair decreases the incidence of chronic groin pain after surgery, without additional morbidities.
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