All together, these processes are to be seen as expressions of the oncoming convertibility of private property, which turns labor into a commodity and thus working hours into objects of exchange. In addition to Giddens' structuration theory, this rediscovery of regional specificity was linked to a Marxist-informed understanding of regions as local responses to wider capitalist processes and more humanist view of regions or places as the focus for cultural identification. Territorial symbols provide a focus for group solidarity. A second strand of ‘new regionalist’ research adopted a more sociological approach to the understanding of industrial districts, relating this to the overarching shift in the organization of capitalism from mass production to flexible specialization. Partly, the diffusion occurred through seminars, special sessions at conferences, training camps in quantitative methods for the uninitiated (the first was held at Northwestern in 1961), and dedicated meetings such as the Madingley Hall lectures that Chorley and Haggett arranged at Cambridge for secondary school geography teachers in England and Wales (the first was held in July 1963, and subsequently published as a series entitled Frontiers in Geographical Teaching). In more concrete terms, this research has examined the role of regional institutions in promoting economic development. Overview. In the ‘second step’, the transformation of labor into capital and the consequences of this structuration process are empirically analyzed. Further, that Chorley and Haggett came from different halves of the discipline, but could speak the same language demonstrated the centrality of scientific reasoning for potentially uniting physical and human geography – a long-held dream, but hitherto never realized. This is evident in the assertion of Scottish and Welsh identity in the UK or Catalan identity in Spain, or Quebecois identity in Canada, which embody national claims or Scanian identity in Sweden or Silesian identity in Poland where, for instance, the revival of cultural distinction in art and literature, the valorization of dialect, and the emergence of regional media systems has been an important contributor to the production of symbols which provide cultural contexts for political action. What is GISCO? According to Global Marketers Study, the worldwide market for Coaxial Switches is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly xx% for the next five years … In the U.S., Carl Sauer and his Berkeley School of geographic thought led to the development of regional geography, especially on the west coast. The first was the department of geography at Cambridge University. Each of the bolded locations within that region may contain important concepts and information in three categories: Key Terms, Key Places, and Key Individuals. There are many ways to organize the world and every single country in it. Regions, large or small, are the basic units of geography.The Middle East is considered a political, environmental, and religious region that includes parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe. Furthermore, this course provides a general overview of regional and conceptual topics including physical geography, human geography, environmental geography, and regional geography. Source: Mohan, (1999). Overview. Wahab, Egunjobi & Falola: Regional Plann ing & Development in Nigeria: An Overview 3 geographical areas of the country. In this context, the term institutions tended to refer to taken-for-granted rules, habits, and routines through which society is reproduced. Urban and social geography, and especially regional geography, did not experience change until the second half of the 1960s, if they experienced change at all. This disputability evinces the fact that both the practice of making and the discourses about regional geography have resulted from entangled societal and academic power relations. ... Universität Graz University of Graz Institute of Geography and Regional Science.
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