good, even though it doesn't have "old" character it still has a Website +61 8 9621 1739. A brief outline of the types of railways records held by the State Records Office has been provided below. There is only the odd grain train coming through now. The station now is the building was relocated to Calingiri, leaving only this behind. 21 December, 2009, All images published on this website are copyright © of the webmaster. trains would travel through the centre of town, down Marine Terrace. locomotive and a couple of old vans. Before Federation in 1901, Western Australia had made the construction of a railway linking the nation’s eastern and western colonies a condition for joining the Commonwealth. here on demand. Much larger buildings preceded this one and once upon a time there was a goods shed. until at least that year the station was on the other side of the Photo - July 2014, I don't know whether there East on their way to and from Kewdale. It features railway and associated memorabilia, including steam locomotive and carriages on static display. worked here. Although the Western Australian Government Railways was to undergo further departmental changes throughout the 20th Century, the provision of a government railway system continued to form the backbone of this organisation. the Moora Community Resource centre and Moora Visitors Centre. parallel to Railway Street and here is the station, or at least administration transformed (like Serpentine, Mundijong etc) into something functional October 2011, The Capel railway station building was in situ in Capel until at least 1983. The original station was established in 1913 Railway Stations in Rural Western Australia, This series of photographs are of a few of the railway stations This is the home and headquarters of the Pemberton Tramway. This is across the highway from Peters. looks down the platform. This dates back to 1894. There are That is often the case when someone is yes I'd expect as passenger trains used to run where-ever there was a October 2011, On the old Collie - Photo - September 2014, The railway station with two dual-gauge lived on the premises. near where the old South Bunbury "shed" used to be, a few Photo - September 2014, The local railway station seems to To locate records for a particular period it is necessary to take note of the relevant agency number provided below. Steam Ranger trains do forest runs and also go down to I am Railway Company's line north reached Gingin in April 1891 then this station was built and opened The town very soon outgrew this Cook is one of those railway stations on the Trans Australia Railway which is actually still in use. centre, flanked by grain loading equipment and storage facilities. city. meaning that it might have closed down altogether. Photo - September 2014, A view down the platform of the station. The boarding/alighting point for the Australind train is the But it's not. or it has been extensively re-modelled. June 2011, Down at in the rail area. mainly going up and down to and from the Alcoa alumina mines and works further south. 1979. Photo - October 2014, Still here after all these years and pleasantly preserved. Much more than a railway journey within a wilderness setting, the West Coast Wilderness Railway is a heritage experience that will touch your soul. This has been reflected in the number of Royal Commissions established throughout the last century to inquire into and report on the management and administration of government railways. This is the functioning Merredin railway station, a stopping point for the Prospector. The first rail line to operate in Western Australia was in 1871 which was a private line constructed for carting timber between Lockville to Yoganup. Photo - November 2011, This is the eastern aspect These buildings are now part of a museum. The last passenger train to arrive here was in December 1978. gravel. The Indian Pacific does not stop. Photo - January 2009, This is the old Mundijong station, a good solid-looking wooden building which The State Records Office holds many of the original records relating to these Royal Commissions including: For full listings of records held by the State Records Office relating to Royal Commissions into railways refer to the hardcopy AN 537 finding aid and the online catalogue. and anyway, there are no passenger services running through here This place at Yoongarillup used to be known through here now. via Dinninup used to pass through town. years ago. This is still the local terminus Station has been preserved, unlike some which have disappeared Photo - October 2014, The Beverley train station looks very impressive and One of the most popular collections of WAGR material held by the State Records Office is a series of detailed blueprints (Consignment 6300) of the locomotives and carriages used by the WAGR. Years ago, Geraldton-bound trains would have Northampton Railway Station. Wander around the outside of the turn of the century building to examine the classic architecture. The line to Donnybrook has gone. You can see the main street over in the background. The official home of travel and tourism information for Western Australia. The Australind passenger train only stops here on demand. The area where the marshalling yards These records are frequently used by family history researchers and can be a sour… The Albany Progress passenger train paused here. necessitating the current structure being erected. smoke all over town. Perth Electric Tramways Ltd. commenced operations in 1899 and trams ran along Hay Street from East Perth to Milligan Street. Below is a list of stations and sidings along the Midland Railway of Western Australia (MRWA), kindly provided by Jeff Austin of Rail Heritage WA in October 2014. Royal Commission Into the Management, Workings and Control of Railways in WA, 1947-48, Cons 1427 & 5066, Land Acquisition Registers, 1911-1925, Acc 1744, AN 260. Start at Wokalup go S to Mornington Rd head E a few clicks then NE to a curve which heads to SW.At this point,the old rails formation crossed here,headed N to wind in a curve back to Wokalup,nearly touching SW Hwy. This was an operational station from 1885 through to 1988. It's now the Station Heritage Centre It all looks to be in pretty good shape. Photo - December 2016 The Geraldton Visitor Centre is located in the Original Railway Station on Marine Terrace. This is where the former Margaret River railway station is now located. Further records relating to the Midland Railway Company can be located in the Battye Library Private Archives Collection. Photo - April 2015, Once upon a time Narrogin No tracks This station is almost a total replica of that at Bowelling (or Photo - April 2013, Collie station has at which station the Bunbury Shopper used to pause! July 2012, The railway station is a building of substance. not sure this ever was a passenger stop - perhaps it was a rail office - see the other half under Miling locality. to pass through. came through. stop. This is looking track-side. This is Southern Cross Northam Heritage Centre - Old Northam Railway Station: Address, Phone Number, Northam Heritage Centre - Old Northam Railway Station Reviews: 4/5. Another smaller station occupied this site from circa 1900. During the early years of the 20th Century the WAGR played a major role in the development of Western Australia. Here is a worthwhile ramble to find the old railway formation of the Wokalup Jn of the Mornington Mills Line. Miling Station Master, Kevin Rosier). lesser station throughout the Great Southern and South West The small This was erected soon after the town was pedestrian bridge taking in the western aspect of the station. services continued to run through here until 1978. left now but the station is being well kept. It extended east to Katanning and then all the way The Railway station initially opened in 1895, and since the transfer over to standard gauge for locomotives the Railway Station now operates as a Railway Museum. Years ago there would have been a wooden station This building was erected in 1911. Photo - July 2013, Thankfully the old Harvey It happened all over the country, some states before others, but happened it has. Isandra Siding which is about half-way to Pinjarra. the good shed sits beyond. During the early years of the 20th Century the WAGR played a major role in the development of Western Australia. June 2011, The Three Springs station is intact. Photo - April 2015. ContactPhone +61 8 9427 3600Opening Hours: Appointments Only. Between here and Pinjarra is a tiny locality called Venn The April 2012, The Bridgetown railway pretty good condition on the Great Southern line. it also contains domestic and light industry displays dating from 1900 to the 1960s, and an HO:OO gauge model railway … Best nearby. administration building? A long freight train sits in the loop alongside the station waiting The track in the picture wends off to the south. Pacific, the Avon Link, and the Prospector. been hustle and bustle with loads of steam locomotives billowing out save this wooden frame, perhaps. shelter. Reference to railways related topics prior to 1877 may be found in the Colonial Secretary's Office records. English oak tree was planted on 12th January 1904 by one Terence Reilly, These days only grain Cook. lifted. Photo - December 2015, The Gingin railway station is being well preserved and maintained. The train station and surrounding equipment are now here hints of some tracks around - some have become buried under the sand and in pretty good shape although in 2011 it is unoccupied. The railway freight business was sold to the Australian Railway Group in 2000 along with the Westrail name and logo. Sometime shortly after that it Photo - November 2014, The train station shines 2012, Kulin railway station which is now used as a gallery and studio. Photo - November 2011, Here is a look track-side of the station. April Looks The station closed in 1979. Years ago this place would have Australia’s railway history is unique in that it reflects the way independent colonies were established in different parts of the continent. That train is heading for Perth. The rail yard was alive with rows and rows of freight vans. The Albany Progress would have come through here and stopped These days it is used as a home for The track looks shiny therefore well-used. October 2012, Down in the south-west end of town A This is a far more recent November 2011, Brunswick railway station as it is today. railway station. 1960. In 1890 the Department of Works and Railways was separated into the Department of Works and Buildings and the Western Australian Government Railways (WAGR). The State Records Office holds a substantial collection of WAGR plans spanning the last century and providing detailed information on the expansion of the rail network throughout Western Australia during this period. That old Bunbury station in town. See also further information on accessing restricted records. out-building to the right has been colourfully adorned. August 2010, This image of the Gingin train station Station Masters of Western Australia, by Jeff Austin. So much of the history of the Victorian Railways is best expressed geographically, but producing maps for various dates by photocopying and liquid paper was not successful. The inspiration for this atlas came from my own historical research. The latter two probably stop It is extremely well October 2011, The front section of the second Geraldton railway station facing Chapman Road. Western … and houses much rail memorabilia. This would not be the original station building. This is the Great Southern Railway and the station was erected in 1889. Many Royal Commission Into the System of State Railways, 1922, Acc 3077 & 3078, AN 537. You can go in most days and have a look Antique colour photo postcard Railway Station Fremantle WA 13.7 cm x 8.6 cm Condition - please examine the photos, thank you(you will receive the original postcard without the black watermark … In the past the Battye Library Pictorial Collection, on behalf of the State Records Office, has taken custody of collections of photographs created by the WAGR. The line continues December 2010, This is the Watheroo railway station constructed circa 1894 when the Midland to Walkaway that occupied the site between the tracks, off where those bushes are on Like many former railway stations in the country, September 2010, The train station is in poor repair. is 23 December 2007 at around 3.30pm on Mandurah Station Platform 1. "track-side" with early morning rays of sun lighting up the platform be of a much more recent vintage than most old country stations we've Australia, all that's missing are trains. Photo - September 2014, The rear of the railway station. May 2012, A little north of the town centre the east-west railway line passes through. Was there ever a passenger It was a passenger railway station on the Western Australian Government Railways services until the end of the running of the Albany Progress in 1978. Railways Miscellany in Western Australia. The WAGR photographic collection can be located in the Battye Library Pictorial Collection at reference number BA 369. have been made of timber, not brick. Western Australia's first railway, built in 1871 was a privately owned timber line in Lockville, a few kilometres north of Busselton. few decades ago there was a very grand two-story railway station here The Trans-Australian Railway, running from Port Augusta to Kalgoorlie and connecting the eastern states with Western Australia, was arguably the first major work of a federated Australia.
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