Healy Pass is the highlight of this first day. Past the gift shop, the road reaches its peak and just beyond there is a lay-by on the left to enjoy the stunning view down onto the lake. After sweating and sulking my way up the first few kilometers, a funny thing happened. DIFFICULT 29.1 mi. Moreover, if the area is SO sensitive, why let a massive commercial operation (*cough* Sunshine Village) ferry hordes of tourists up to it year-round? Michener to Windy Point Ridge and then to Massive Mountain, but eventually we decided to go for an unnamed peak that had been on my radar for a while. DIFFICULT 7.4 mi. I had been to the nearby Monarch Ramparts before, but didn’t get any view from the top, so I always wanted to come back to this area. Ramparts were excellent. Peak Lists: Climbers: Ranges: Geography: Help: Search: Log In: Healy Pass Col Elevation: 2340 meters, 7677 feet. Healy Pass is a beautiful place. Raff and Joanna demonstrate that they have more than just mountaineering skills (photo by Raff), Katherine and Chelsey at the summit (photo by Raff), Chelsey and Katherine start the descent (photo by Raff), Katherine enjoys great powder (photo by Raff). Head up to Healy Pass in late September or early October to check out the beautiful larch trees in their golden glory. Healy Pass is located in Banff National Park in Alberta, close to the border with British Columbia. As I passed him, an older hiker smiled at me and told me to “Enjoy the grand day!” It was a simple statement but it turned my day around. I’d been expecting views of the Monarch from Healy Pass but finding a monarch there in late September was rather unexpected. From here, there are amazing views of Egypt Lake (below), Scarab Lake, and Haiduk Peak towering above. There are plenty of good size boulders in the pass to recline on and least your eyes roam. No matter, I’ll borrow my dad’s bike (I need to drop off a little one with my parents anyhow). Unfortunately I didn't get to spend much time talking to Consider This/ We were passed by a solo skier just before the meadows and he broke trail exactly in the right direction for us. High point: 2330m. This proved to be the last straw. Raff catches up to speedy Joanna. Still, having been gifted one of the grandest days I could have hoped for, I was (at least) limping with a smile on my face! It is almost always windy here, so be prepared. Healy Pass (Trail Junction) via Healy Pass Trail. Upon returning to Healy Pass, I found it just as gorgeous and golden as when I left it earlier! thereafter, we finally cleared treeline, into the magnificent Assiniboine, an abundance of lakes and glacier clad peaks all vie for attention. I’m hoping to return to the Ramparts at some point in the next year or two to see just how far the fire advanced up their western (unseen here) slope! Distance: 19km Elevation: 700m Difficulty: Moderate Time Taken: 4 hours Start point: Sunshine Village. Pass area, circumstances would make that impossible. I visited this summit in the early 90's but back then, it didn't have a name. Further to the south (right), snow-capped Fatigue Mountain, Nasswald Peak and Golden Mountain tower above the Sunshine Meadows. It’s defined as the vertical distance between a peak and the lowest contour line surrounding that peak and no higher peak. While the view from Healy Pass is gorgeous, it is also worthwhile to walk a few metres down the trail towards Egypt Lake. Bourgeau. The elevation at the pass is 2,508 m. According to Gaia, the elevation gain was 760 m (while Strava recorded it as 690). Healy Pass Access Description: Drive Sunshine access road branching west from Trans-Canada highway some 10 minutes north of Banff townsite; park here. Healy Pass offers outstanding views all around. Thank you for your patience while we retrieve your images. Although I was super interested, having never visited the Healy This video is unavailable. There are plenty of good size boulders in the pass to recline on and least your eyes roam. the day after his ascent, the trip was immediately catapulted to the A peak’s prominence, also known as topographic prominence or relative height, is a measure of how distinct a peak is from other peaks. An update on the glacier lily bloom at Healy Pass 2020. Good boy! The trail begins on a gravel access road beside the gondola station. Snowshoeing check_circle. DIFFICULT 7.6 mi. As I tried to get said little one out the door, our exit was delayed by tantrums and toddlerisms. Snowshoe trip: 4.5 up. As September ebbed, however, idyllic images of golden larch trees and alpine meadows crept back into my consciousness. I was It can be cold on top of Healy Pass, as it is quite exposed, but this makes for excellent views. Ward. Worse still, I noticed a Parks Canada restricted activity notice at the trailhead: summer off-trail travel has apparently been banned in the Sunshine Meadows area. No matter, I’ve got a head lamp – who needs an alpine start? 3. While this avalanche area wasn’t scenic enough to be noteworthy, I was rather impressed to find that snow from an avalanche last winter (the white in the middle of the gully) had persisted through the summer into late September. Family life is more rewarding (and at the same time more exhausting) anyways! Throw in a lake midway up a mountain and some great wildlife watching opportunities and you get a hike that is well worth putting on your must-do list. Even the bugs were decked out in full fall colors! Search Engines - search the web for "Healy Pass Peak": Wikipedia Search Microsoft Bing Search Google Search Yahoo Search: Ascent Info Total successful ascents logged by registered Peakbagger.com users: 2 Show all viewable ascents/attempts (Total: 2) Selected Trip Reports from this … From the gondola base at Sunshine Village, locate and follow the trail to Healy Pass and ascend Healy Peak's south ridge. Click to see larger.
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