So do I not have a prayer? I set it up the same too - JB to Volume to Jack. However, the (original) L500-XL might do it for you. Im looking to replace my JB in my beater strat with a 498T. Its kinda similar to a JB but much hotter and bassier. Everyone I have talked to thinks the JB sounds like S**T in their Jackson based strats. They both sound a little similar, The 500t with more of a standard Gibson tone that you'd expect, but its much more powerful than the 498t. The JB in my Strat sounds freakin awesome man. I purchased a Yamaha Pacifica 120SD that is essentially a Telecaster style guitar with an alder body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, and hardtail construction that was loaded with a set of Gibson 490R/498T humbuckers by a previous owner. By Thread Tools. A 498T will have a lot more drive and mids than a JB - and definitely won't be brighter sounding. This is a pickup for the discerning and experienced player. If you're looking for a different pickup, I'd keep searching. i mainly use emg but im getting something different with this guitar, i want great cleans and great thick lead tone think fade to black. Keep in mind when I first heard the Burstbuckers, they were on a Les Paul Standard Faded, and my Paul II is a thinner bodied guitar. Joined: Jan 31, 2010 Messages: 5,315 Likes Received: 4,120 Location: Pennsylvania. [GEAR]: Gibson 498T vs Classic 57 + bridge pickups I'm rolling through a couple of Gibson pickups and did a quick comparison video that might help someone considering swapping. Paste as plain text instead, × Plug straight into the amp, if you can. So Im guessing 498 is similar to a JB? If you want to stick with Gibson pickups, look to the 490T.The '57 Classics will probably be too bright for you. [Question] seymour duncan JB vs Gibson 498t bridge. I own a Gibson The Paul II, and it has 490R and 498T pickups in it. I have never considered the JB muddy. I dig JBs. I just dont care for the jb. Anyway, BKP equivalent would be much better as they are always praised for their articulation and … The 498T I have in my PRS SE is more midranged and Paf like than the JB and works better with the leads and riffs I play. Check your amp, distortion/OD pedal, or EQ settings. Powered by Invision Community. Digiadaamore. The 57 Classic Plus is around 13k - basically an Angus Young signature, which is ironic because he used the old 7k PAF's until later in his career. Higher Output Gibson PUP - 498T, 500T or Burstbucker 3? The treble bleed mod is meant to keep the highs as you roll down the volume. It's got better articulation and more subtlty than the 500T with the same power and definition. Has anyone tried a Seymour Duncan JB pickup in a les Paul bridge position. I was thinking of swapping the pickups to Burstbuckers or Burstbucker Pros, but wanted to ask if you thought it would actually make that big of a difference. that's why I was wondering about the 498T. While the JB is a great pickup, Chris is right: go Distortion/Jazz, don't look back. The L500-XL is the hotter, new version, so I suppose I'd try that or the L500-L. been using them for years. That pickup can be a brutal icepick......................especially in a Strat. Took the EMG81 out of the strat to put in the JB that I took out of my LPCustom. Since I see you want a middy tone, the 500t would be a better choice for you.   Pasted as rich text. … When I put in the Classic ´57 it made a big difference regarding string … Ambassador of Tone. Its fat and crisp, but fits in the mix well. The JB is also a great choice IMO. Recorded using a Ceriatone Plexi clone into Two Notes Cab M. Slight boost from TC Spark pedal. Here, I install my new Gibson pickups Burstbucker 1 & 2 on my Gibson Les Paul Standard and here are my first impression: At the very beginner I admit, the sound is very clear, bright with lots of treble and virtually no bass even on the neck pickup (I'm necessarly a pass Gibson 498T Alnico V with an output power of 13.5 a kho kho Alnico 2 with 8.5 Release)! If you have a good tube amp and a decent OD/distortion pedal, you will get some fantastic sounds out of it. The JB has much more clarity than the 498T, but I actually think if sustain can be a function of the pickup I guess out and overdrive, the 498T would probably win out. … item 5 Gibson Les Paul Pickup … Think Nuno Bettencourt (on Extreme or Pornograffiti)--you can do 7th, 9th, 11th chords WITH distortion and hear all the notes. I think I'll be putting single coils back in. And some comparisons to other bridge pickups in my collection. The 498 is asymmetrically wound, which has the effect of making it ever-so-slightly less humbucking, which can add a bit of brightness at the expense of a slight decrease in hum cancelling. experience w/ JB's has them being quite bright actually...especially in a Strat. But, it's still got that killer open/gainy tone... if you can't find an old school version from before the great schism, pick up one from Bill & Becky. I've had two guitars with the Seymour Duncan 59/JB setup and I didn't like either; one was mahogany with a set-neck and the other was alder with a bolt-on. Model: # GP-498T/NH. what say you guys on this? I put the original gold cased humbucker back in the LP and I think I'll be going back to single coils for the strat. Your Price: $ 145.00 CDN Write a Review. Thanks for the input. the 500T is ceramic. I was very surprised. Dimebag used them. I hate the JB in my Jackson SL2H but wouldn't put anything else in my Les Paul's. Upload or insert images from URL. the 500T does sound similar. The JB I have in My Schecter is Very Icepicky at times and has too much schrilly high end for me. It comes down to if you want the Gibson middy tone, or a scooped tone. I will have a JB available soon as I am taking it out of another guitar, but I figured I should probably adjust my 498T first a bit. Is it because I don't have a Tone? The duncan distortion is where its at. and i often roll my tone knob back to take the edge off. As for the amp settings, I play straight into my peavey ultra 120 on top of my v30 cab. Coming from the same place you are, with a history of EMGs, the DIstortion is similar to an 81, but if you do in fact want something DIFFERENT, try a Dimarzio X2n. I don't any caps in my guitar. can you guys give me personal comparisons of the two and recommendations? If a JB (which is generally a bright pickup) sounds muddy, it's your pots or tone cap. Or, the EMG 81 is pretty bright. Is the 498T the answer for my bright new future? u/dennishamburglar. the 498T is very similar, but muddier in my opinion. Still I love JBs in my les paul especially. 498T "Hot Alnico" Bridge Pickup $134.99. 498T 11 vote(s) 50.0% 500T 4 vote(s) 18.2% Burstbucker 3 7 vote(s) 31.8% Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > dptone5 Well-Known Member. Have em in my gibson explorer. I dunno what to do. Do a duncan distortion/jazz. I was seriously considering purchasing a 498T Alnico V Humbucking Bridge Pickup but the 490T in my Gibson SG Faded Special actually sounds pretty darn good. unfortunately the neck pickup (the 490R) was even worse. Join Date: Jun 2012. The Tremonti is a bit more scooped, and the bass is very boosted. © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. If anything, it's too icepicky in some guitars. Location: eastern NC. Old strings definitely sound dead after a while. They make most guitars sound good. they are a very bright pickup. Maybe your strings are too far away from the pup? I'd also throw in a vote for the Custom in the bridge. Close. I thought it was shrill and ice picky, but if you want a bright pickup, maybe it will work for you. Featherweight; Posts: 426; Alternative Pickup Ideas to Gibson 490r-498t « on: May 15, 2012, 05:59:13 PM » I have been looking at a lot of different pickups, but I figured some of you might have replaced a Gibson 490r/498t set with something better. It's the best PUP I've had in it, but I am … Calculated Inductance: 4 H Calculated Capacitance: 418 pF Loaded Cutoff: 3513 Hz" Loaded Resonant Peak: 2318 Hz -60.3 dB Raw Loaded Peak: 2663 Hz 7.61 dB Unloaded Cutoff: 5018 Hz Unloaded Resonant Peak: 3444 Hz -59.3 dB Raw Unloaded Peak: 3803 Hz 11.9 dB Raw Induction Peak: 796 Hz 2.87 dB. I've got a gibson 498 in my LPC, and it's pretty good. So I have the opportunity to get a Duncan JB really cheap from a friend. If you still don't find it bright enough, get a 1 meg pot. I rate it as one of gibsons worst pickups. The JB just isn't bright enough for me (in That guitar) and when rolled off on the volume, the JB sounds like absolute horse feces. 1 Options 500T "Super Ceramic" Humbucker Pickup $134.99 . Free shipping . I'd go Custom/Jazz in that in a heartbeat. Not quite metal, the low end is a bit spongy, but its damn versatile. By ToxicTrace in forum Guitar: Pickups Discussion, By Yevetz in forum Guitar: Instrument Discussion, By Soopahmahn in forum Guitar Parts & Accessories For Sale / Trade / Wanted, By F1Filter in forum Guitar Parts & Accessories For Sale / Trade / Wanted, By F1Filter in forum Guitar: Pickups Discussion, Guitar Parts & Accessories For Sale / Trade / Wanted, SG Project Pickups Burstbucker Pro/500T/498T, /FT Gibson 490R and 498T gold 6-string pickup set, Gaahhh! I figured since Kramer isnow made by Gibson, that they put a gibby pickup in it. Add to Wish List Add to Wish List SKU: # 52329. They both have similar tonal properties, but the L500-L gives you phenomenal note clarity. In-Store Pick Up in Store. I haven't tried them myself, but if you're looking for a brighter pickup in an HB size you might want to check out those Seymour Duncan P-Rails (a combination of P90's, Humbuckers and singles) or even just P90's. A Burstbucker 2 might be ok, or a Burstbucker 3 if you want the added gain, but if the PAF sound is what you're going for, and you are OK with non-Gibson, get yourself a Dimarzio PAF 36th Anniversary. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Ok guys im going to be picking up an lpc and i have a choice of the sets mentioned … it actualy to my ears (the ones i use anyway) sound like a 57 on steroids whereas the 498 sounds awesome but has a loose kaboose. The JB just isnt bright enough for me (in That guitar) and when rolled off on the volume, the JB sounds like absolute horse feces. The Duncan Custom absolutely destroys in Gibson-scale mahogany guitars. Posted by. The JB is a really solid pickup. Clear editor. The Bill Lawrence L500 series is supposed to be very bright. Also, what type of strings are you using, and are they new? Even when it's on 10? Not sure I really want the DiMarzio Air Zone in my 1991 Gibson LP Classic. I have the same problem with my strat and JB. Joined Dec 6, 2016 Messages 24,303 Reaction score 32,001 Location Lake Arrowhead, California. Many pedals can kill the tone, so can bad cords, a bad amp, or poor amp settings. what say you guys on this? F these pickups. Bengerm77--at what volume setting are you having this issue? Thread: JB/Jazz vs 498t/490r. item 3 Gibson 498T & 490R Humbucker Pickups Chrome w/ HW - Gibson 498T & 490R Humbucker Pickups Chrome w/ HW. I had an SG with the 498T and I thought it was ok. My favorites, and therefore recommendations, are Burstbucker Pros and P-90s (H-90, P-94, etc.). Author Topic: Alternative Pickup Ideas to Gibson 490r-498t (Read 7676 times) mikey5. When I bought my 2016 Gibson SG, I intentionally sought out a pickup wound like the ones in my 68 Gibson SG - around 7.7k - and that's the 490R/490T exactly. I actually think the JB has a tad more bite/, if the JB ain't bright enough, you either need a new amp or need to start looking at ceramics. fender/peavey. Not sure if its the explorer body shape, but the bridge pup (500t) is very bassy on the lower, wound strings, yet bright on the higher ones. Online Add to Cart. 1 Options '57 Classic with 4-Conductor Wiring Pickup $199.99. Gibson 498T Red White. A JB is pretty bright though, you may have to get an EQ pedal or something. I concur with this statement. I like the 498T because I tend to play lots of full chords with lots of distortion, so a little extra treble tends to help the notes stay a wee bit more defined. I'd personally go for the JB/Jazz set though. I assumed the OP has this problem with the volume on 10. ive seen a bunch of old archived posts comparing the two from different forums. Do you know what time it is? Archived [Question] seymour duncan JB vs Gibson 498t bridge. FWIW, I traded out my JB in my superstrat for an L500-L, made in the late 70's (or maybe early 80's) and it was an AMAZING change. What value are your pots? 5 Options Dirty Fingers Pickup $154.99. × but it couldbe the body. the 498 is alnico 5 or V magnet. Ok guys im going to be picking up an lpc and i have a choice of the sets mentioned above. I may be wrong though, most complaints about this pickup come from Les Paul users. Display as a link instead, × thanks. Show Printable Version; Email this Page… Subscribe to this Thread… 06-12-2012 04:58 AM #1. My JB loaded strat seems to be afflicted in the same way. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. 498T Vs. Burstbucker Pro: Thread starter Robert Herndon; Start date May 2, 2018; Robert Herndon. ive seen a bunch of old archived posts … I personally think the 498T is thicker and hotter than the JB or Pearly Gates. Tue, Feb 26, 2008 2:40am. I couldn't wait to pull the 498T out of my Les Paul when I got it. It's time to FARK SHEET ARRRRRP!! I've never heard anyone complain of a JB being muddy. May 2, 2018 #1 Just for fun, I thought I would post these two videos: Video #1 - 2016 Gibson SG Burstbucker Pro Bridge (9.32kΩ) - Guitar Volume/Tone @ 10 - Pole Pieces Flush …   You cannot paste images directly. Get the guaranteed best price on Humbucker Pickups like the Gibson 498T Alnico Humbucker at Musician's Friend. Also, the set works really well together. $107.50 9 bids 1d 22h. I think you'll find the Gibson pups ungratifying for those purposes and with your gear history. Gibson 500t vs 498t Gibson 498T vs 500T Page 2 MarshallForum . My only other option is the one meg pot (very appealing). yep. That thing will hit you in the gut. Re: JB pickup in a Les Paul Bridge. I just don't know what to do any more. iTrader: 2 (100%) JB/Jazz vs 498t/490r.
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