But what do I know; I'm not a designer and haven't seen the public polling data--if there even is any. In 2002–2003, the browser was known as Phoenix from version 0.1 to 0.5. And this time, they have launched a new Family Firefox of logos. The logo in Firefox Nightly has a different blue/purple color scheme. On the 5th June, 2019 Firefox unveiled their new browser logo which was made official on October 22ndafter the release of version 70. The new logo should follow that course, said Tim Murray, creative director at Mozilla. They even asked their designer fans to help them come up with a new logo design. The non-profit organisation will officially reveal its new logo on 10 June. If it feels like only yesterday that Firefox got a new logo it’s because, comparatively speaking, it pretty much was — it was only last year.. Firefox has been updating itself since the last 18 months. The new Firefox logo as it appears on the developer site for Fenix [Image: GitHub] While it's very likely that this is the new Firefox logo design, we have to wait until next week to be certain. Still, the organization has been transitioning to a new look. I think Firefox crushed this rebrand! Then everything else can use the new logo set. Mozilla’s Firefox is getting a new logo that is meant to reflect that the brand now stands for more than a browser. In 2003–2004, it was renamed Mozilla Firebird from version 0.6 to 0.7. Firefox announced last year that there would be a redesign on their sleek fox logo. Why the Firefox rebrand works. For this collection of Firefox-branded products, Mozilla has taken the wraps off a new logo for its Firefox parent brand. They are putting a focus on how Firefox is not just a browser but more. But before any of us have had time to get used to that new logo, Mozilla has only gone and unveiled another new logo for its famed browser.. Its new Lockwise password manager uses the new design language. The company tweeted: “Don’t worry! Related articles: 18 controversial moments in logo design and branding The fox isn’t going anywhere. From the new color palette to the evolved logo, every design decision was made with an overall goal in mind -- … The new logo continues Mozilla's earlier push toward a flatter design. The end of an 18-month process has produced a … Conceptually, they put so much thought and purpose into every decision they made. Mozilla didn't comment on the new Firefox logo, but it said in a statement Wednesday that it's planning to speak about its new design system next week. Yes, say hello to Firefox — this time with family in tow. After a year of anticipation and long waiting to see the new design, and well… It’s been leaked a week early. New Microsoft Edge Logo looks a lot like Firefox… I get that part, but I'm thinking why not keep the current logo for Firefox, since it's easily the most-used and recognizable property (and it looks great.) The redesign was scheduled to be released on June 10th, 2019. Of course, rather than seeing Chrome underneath, at least one keen observer pointed out the logo's surface resemblance to Firefox's logo.

firefox new logo

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