ALERT: Most courts are open for in-person proceedings.Strict health and safety protocols are being implemented. Invitation to Comment. The Superior Court in Santa Clara County serves the public by providing equal justice for all in a fair, accessible, effective, efficient, and courteous manner: by resolving disputes under the law; by applying the law consistently, impartially and independently; and by instilling public trust and confidence in the Court. Please note that some cases do not appear in the Superior Court of Justice daily court lists. In trial courts, or superior courts, a judge and sometimes a jury hears witnesses' testimony and other evidence and decides cases by applying the relevant law to the relevant facts. Calendars at each location are posted below: For instructions on how to appear by Zoom at Main Campus please click here. Superior Court of California, County of Monterey Case Portal Online Portal Disclaimer: The purpose of this system is to provide the ability to research and locate Superior Court of California, County of Placer Criminal, Civil, Traffic, and Family Law matters for a particular case / citation number. Both Superior Court Main Campus and Family and Juvenile Court are open Monday- Friday 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. La Corte Superior en el edificio principal de la corte y la Corte Juvenil y de Familia estára abierto de Lunes a Viernes de 8:00 a.m. a 5:00 p.m. 2. Please visit the Court Technology for the software requirements needed to access online services. California has 58 trial courts, one in each county. IMPORTANT DETAILS ABOUT APPEARING VIA ZOOM FOR YOUR HEARING. Any recording of a court proceeding is absolutely prohibited without a court order. The official language used for the content of the Los Angeles Superior Court public website is English. Before you come to court, please review the court’s COVID-19 Safety Measures. Check your Juror Status The Juror Portal provides a convenient way to check your juror status, fill out your Juror Questionnaire, obtain a verification slip for each day of service, or defer jury service for up to 90 days. The California courts serve nearly 34 million people. At this time, we do not know the duration of the strike. Google™ Translate is a free online language translation service that can translate text and web pages into different languages. Warning About Juror Phone Scams. We offer services and programs ranging from interpreter services, dispute resolution programs, family court services, and online access to court information. Tagalog. More specifics on the history of case info inputs from each court throughout Maryland can be discovered in the website's commonly asked questions area. Learn more and take the COVID-19 courthouse screening before going to a courthouse. Print | E-mail Case Query Search Civil Cases by case number or by last name, first name. Filter cases further by date of filing, jurisdiction, case type, party type, party representation, and more. Listing of all Superior Courts. Access … 한국어. Reduced Court Services. UniCourt allows you to lookup Other cases in Butte County Superior Courts, California. The information provided on and obtained from this site does not constitute the official record of Riverside County Superior Court. Online Services. Case Browse is not best. The Riverside Superior Court routinely purges court records pursuant to Government Code Section 68152 (external site ). Circulating Orders 20-16 & 20-17. 中文. Please check back to this page for updated information as it becomes available. Find Your Court. The Court of Queen's Bench is the Superior Trial Court for the Province, hearing trials in civil and criminal matters and appeals from decisions of the Provincial Court. Court of Queen's Bench. The Court has exclusive jurisdiction over felonies and drug offenses (except most felonies and drug offenses involving minors, and except possession of marijuana cases). These measures include alternatives for document filing and personal appearances. Read More Here. RFPs & Solicitations. View calendars or search now . Civil. The San Francisco Superior Court offers online access to Civil case filings, Tentative Rulings, and pay Traffic citations. On January 1, 2020, the Small Claims Court limit increased from $25,000 to $35,000. A clerk of superior court is elected in each county and is responsible for all clerical and record-keeping functions. Advisory Bodies. Claims for $35,000 or less started in the Superior Court will not automatically transfer to Small Claims Court. Criminal The Superior Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor and felony criminal charges. The specifics of the order can be discovered here. Home; Online Services Online Services. Records of Maryland cases went online. All hearings are remote hearings unless otherwise specified. 19-0005. Google™ Translate is a free online language translation service that can translate text and web pages into different languages. Court Calendars and Public Proceedings. Superior Courts. Judicial Council. View today's criminal and civil department calendars and access all public proceedings remotely. Learn More. Judicial Council. Superior Court of Justice. Important: Where possible, consider online filing of your civil claims, small claims, or family law matters.You can also file by email at the Superior Court of Justice or the Ontario Court of Justice. Criminal records are not available online. Dec. 04. Our Mission:The Superior Court of California, County of Shasta, is dedicated to providing equal and timely access to a just, fair and impartial forum for the resolution of all matters brought before the court. The California Rules of Court (CRC) and local rules published by each Court in the state are available online to view. California Judicial Branch Fact Sheet . The Superior Court has jurisdiction throughout Québec and sits in all judicial districts. Pima County Superior Court Local Rules - Effective 4-30-2019: Arizona Superior Court in Pima County: 110 W. Congress St., Tucson, AZ 85701 (520) 724-4200 : Dial 711 for Arizona Relay Service ; Downtown Tucson Map and Parking Information. 12/1/2020 Update: Pacific County Superior Court is closed to the public until further notice. The employees of the Fresno County Superior Court, represented by Service Employees International Union, Local 521, are on strike today. عربى . Information Regarding COVID-19. The mission of the Butte County Superior Court is to create a court environment deserving of community respect by: resolving disputes according to law; ensuring and protecting peoples' rights; taking a leadership role in preserving order in society; and providing exceptional, accessible and fair justice services to all. This information is provided as a service to the general public. Fresno County Superior Court Strike Statement. SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY OF RIVERSIDE Online Services . Access Now: Jury Duty Check your jury duty status online or obtain a certificate of jury service. Order For Judicial Assignments. Access Now : Remote Appearance System Schedule your remote appearance online. Search online court records for free in Riverside County Superior Courts by case number, case name, party, attorney, judge, docket entry, and more. Each administrative superior court district has a senior resident superior court judge who manages the administrative duties of the court. In response to the ongoing COVID pandemic, the court is reinforcing our measures to reduce foot traffic in both of our Courthouses. Online Case Party Access Create an account and sign into the eCourt Portal to view private case information: Access Now: Tentative Rulings Review Tentative Rulings, Case Management Notes, and Calendar Notes. Computerized translations are only an approximation of the website's original content. The Superior Court has statewide original jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases, except for equity cases and domestic relations matters. The calendar is produced at the conclusion of each business day and is accurate as of that time; however, because of the dynamic nature of Court business, this calendar may contain omissions or may not reflect most recent revisions. If you cannot file online, file your documents in person at the courthouse or by email in accordance with the Family Law Rules and any orders, Notices, and Practice Directions issued by the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice. Filter cases further by date of filing, jurisdiction, case type, party type, party representation, and more. The Orange County Superior Court is offering an online scheduling tool for self-represented litigants to schedule brief, in-person appointments with Self-Help Services at the Lamoreaux Justice Center, located at 341 The City Drive South, Orange, CA 92868. COVID-19: Click here for more information about court operations during the coronavirus pandemic updated:11/30/2020. It is understood to homeowners and legal representatives throughout Maryland as simply, Case Browse. The public information viewed on the online case search system (eAccess) reflects the docket entries in civil, criminal, criminal domestic violence and tax cases, probate cases for large estates and small estates, disclaimers of interest, major litigation, wills and foreign estate proceedings. See California Rule of Court 1.150 and this Court’s Standing Order No. To conduct court business via online services, which includes requesting an extension, establishing a payment plan or making a payment, submitting electronic correspondence, reserving a court date, or setting up automatic reminders for your case(s), access My Court Portal as a … This online calendar is a searchable version of the Superior Court's Daily Calendar. A Visitors' Guide to the California Superior Courts. Superior Court. Computerized translations are only an approximation of the website's original content. + Information Disclaimer. Tiếng Việt. For more information about online filing, go to the Government of Ontario website. The most current filings may or may not be in the system. As a result of the changes to regular court operations in the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Daily Court Lists online service is limited. EXPRESSIVE ACTIVITY OUTSIDE OF THE COURTHOUSE. Only active parties on a case may appear via Zoom for hearings. The official language used for the content of the Los Angeles Superior Court public website is English. Masks or face shields must be worn in all court buildings and a health screening will be required prior to entry. Superior Court of California, County of Riverside. Search online court records for free in Butte County Superior Courts by case number, case name, party, attorney, judge, docket entry, and more. Welcome to the Superior Court of Shasta County. Jury Service. The Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino, offers an array of convenient services online. Español. Users of the Court’s audio streaming service are reminded of the general prohibition against the photographing, recording, and rebroadcasting of court proceedings (including those held by telephone or videoconference). Transferring a claim from the Superior Court of Justice to Small Claims Court.
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