Because they are a younger variety of potato, the starch hasn’t had time to form. Some kinds of potatoes such as Russet or Idaho have a starchy texture and are good for mashing, frying, and baking. For example, 100 g of baked white potatoes has 21 grams of carbs, the same number as Russets. Wisconsin potato growers offer a wide selection of quality potato varieties — Russet, White, Red, Yellow, Fingerling, and Blue and Purple potato varieties. There are also hundreds of varieties of sweet potatoes that are cultivated in various countries. Starchy types of potatoes tend to lose their shape and become fluffy when cooked. Different colored potatoes such as the purple varieties are a type of potato that has even more health benefits than regular all-purpose potatoes. If you want to create delicious healthy baked potatoes or mashed potatoes, then Russets or white potatoes are the best. Red Potatoes - Red potatoes have thin red skin and pale flesh. That is one reason not to store potatoes in the refrigerator. Potatoes are also rich in potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, manganese, and copper. Potato cultivars can have a range of colors due to the accumulation of anthocyanins in the tubers. As their name suggests, varieties of starchy potatoes contain a lot of starch. PVMI Varieties Available All potato breeding selections, referred to as clones, go through a strenuous evaluation process before they are released as varieties. Buds are slightly pigmented, corolla is white and anthers are yellow-orange. As with most waxy types of potatoes, French Fingerlings hold their shape well when baked, fried, boiled, or roasted. As with all potato varieties, all-purpose potatoes are good sources of vitamins, mineral, and fiber when eaten along with their skins. When baked, boiled, or roasted, Russet potato varieties become light and fluffy. Click on the photo description below to find out more about each Potatoes of the highest consistent quality. For example, the Dark Red Norland is a popular type of this red-skinned potato. (7). Notice how their texture is very Varieties of potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) can be further classified into 3 main categories, depending on their texture when cooked. Leaves are medium in size, open and slightly pubescent. Purple potatoes are an extremely healthy type of potato that has all the nutritional value of regular potatoes. Russet Varieties Mountain Gem Russet (A03158-2TE) is a medium maturing dual purpose russet suitable for production above the 45th parallel in Michigan. The Red Bliss type of potato has smooth red skin that covers white flesh. (5), Sweet potato varieties: Beauregard, Jewel and purple. Sometimes referred to as “baby potatoes,” new potatoes are a younger type of full-grown potatoes. This kind of red potato has dark red skin and white flesh. Russet Varieties Clearwater Umatilla Contact Us Dick Bedlington Farms, LLC & Pure Potato Mailing Address: 8497 Guide Meridian Lynden, WA 98264 (360) 354-5264 Fax (360) 354-7619 We're Hiring Like other Russet varieties of potato, it has soft and slightly dry flesh, thereby making it a good baked potato option too. Due to their versatility, white potatoes are popular kinds of potatoes to use. This large, oblong type of Idaho potato has brown skin and white flesh. They're also very absorbent, so are great paired with butter and cream -- think mashed potatoes. There are a number of varieties of fingerlings that come in white, red, and yellow-skinned varieties. Its flesh is white, dry, and mealy, and it is good for baking, mashing, and french fries. Optimized for local growing conditions. Our Most Popular Varieties The Idaho Potato Commission is proud of the many varieties that we promote. This makes these “mealy” types of potatoes great for baking, mashing, frying, or boiling. Canadian Potato Varieties - Descriptions Most of these varieties are registered in Canada, some are in process of being registered and others have been deregistered. This results in a sweeter type of potato; however, they may burn easier if you fry them or turn gray during cooking. Russet varieties are especially good for baking whole and adding your choice of toppings. The Russet Burbank seed potato is a large potato cultivar with dark brown skin and lots of eyes. These potatoes are great for baking or boiling due to their high starch content. White Potatoes - White potatoes have thin beige or tan skin with pale flesh. Red Norland potato varieties are small red types of potatoes with an oblong shape. This means that eating one large baked potato gives you 28% of your daily fiber needs. You can use purple sweet potatoes to make fries, mashed potatoes, or baked sweet potatoes. Tubers are long to oblong, smooth, russeted and have shallow, bright golden eyes. The purple flesh will also be a great talking point at your meal. Choose potatoes for end use, rather than specific varieties. Unlike Russet potatoes, white potatoes have light-colored skin and lower levels of starch. CHARACTERISTICS: Russet Norkotah is an early to medium maturity cultivar grown primarily for the fresh market. Russet Norkotah is susceptible to most viruses and late blight. The Umatilla Russet is a popular potato that is frequently used to make fries, and it was released in 1998 (22, 23). As their name suggests, petite potatoes are types of tubers that are small in size. Purple sweet potatoes have firm, purple-colored flesh that has an earthy sweet taste. Potato Varieties, Dutch-German Potato Collection Potato Variety Descriptions (Netherlands): POTATO EXPLORER…discover the most important factors which influence the production and development of the potato crop: production, seed, varieties, diseases, storage, markets. Comparing white potatoes with red potatoes and Russet varieties, they have similar nutritional content. Other kinds of potato such as red varieties have a waxy feel and are good for boiling and serving in salads. Beauregard sweet potatoes have bright orange flesh and a delicious sweet flavor. Types of sweet potatoes such as the Japanese sweet potato and Hannah sweet potato are starchy tubers from the Ipomoea batatas plant. (2), There are nearly 200 varieties of Russet potatoes alone! Adirondack varieties of purple potatoes are oval or pear-shaped and their skin and flesh have a blue-purple color. Due to their strange shape and knobby features, many people call these weird potatoes. There are also varieties of sweet potato with white, yellow, purple, and even red flesh. Sweet potatoes are also rich sources of vitamin C (59% of your RDI), vitamin B6 (26% of your RDI), potassium, (24% of your RDI, and manganese (45% of your RDI). Sweet potatoes such as the Japanese sweet potato (which has red skin) and Hannah sweet potato are actually not ‘true’ potatoes. Sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas) are not a ‘true’ potato from the nightshade Solanum tuberosum variety. French Fingerlings are a type of red waxy potato that sometimes resemble the shape of large fat fingers. This “mealy” potato has white flesh that is covered with dark brown skin. Care must be taken not to plant the seed potatoes too early, however, as the pieces may rot in overly damp soil, and likewise, if planted in March, they stand a chance of being frozen back by a late frost. Which potato variety should I buy? For example, one large baked Russet potato (300 g) with its skin contains 38.6 mg of vitamin C, which is 64% of your recommended daily intake (RDI). Purple sweet potatoes are a healthy variety of “potato” to add to your diet due to anthocyanins in the vegetable. They have been cooked in exactly the same way. Their rose-colored smooth skin covers a yellowish-white flesh that has a distinct waxy feel to it. For example, some people refer to the Japanese sweet potato as Japanese yam. The skin is light compared to Russet potatoes and the fleshy is a light-yellow color. These kinds of all-purpose tubers are good for use in most recipes. All potato plant varieties may be planted in March or April whether early season, midseason or late-season potatoes. Great for boiling, baking, roasting or mashing and also for fresh cut french fries. (3). Anthocyanins are a type of antioxidant that give dark fruit and vegetables their color. A large sweet potato also contains 37 g of carbs, from which 6 grams are fiber and 11 grams are sugar. Marcy tubers have an oval shape that is slightly flattened. Each of these varieties fit into one of seven potato type categories: russet, red, white For example, dark purple or black potato varieties have more anthocyanins than the lighter shades of purple potatoes. Potato cultivars such as Yukon Gold and Marcy hold their shape well and have a fluffy texture when cooked. These potatoes also have coloured skin, but many varieties with pink or red skin have white or yellow flesh, as do the vast majority of cultivated potatoes. The nutritional value of red potato varieties shows they have slightly fewer carbs and calories than starchy potatoes. Potatoes (also called spuds) are also one of the most versatile root vegetables. It is very susceptible to Verticillium wilt and early blight. That is what we offer. Because these red varieties of potato hold together well when cooked, they are great for roasting or chopping up to put in salads. Idaho's growing environment includes warm days, cool nights, mountain-fed irrigation and rich volcanic soil, according to The Idaho Potato Commission . The variety is not well suited for processing. Because they make such good fries, Burbanks are the kind of potato that many fast food outlets choose to use. Pike potato tubers are round and their light skin color has a flaky surface. The Russet variety has hard brown skin and white flesh, and has a … Plants are medium sized, slightly upright; stems are medium thick with non-pigmented nodes and internodes. For potato lovers, Yukon Gold varieties have yellow flesh and are the perfect type of potato for cooking with. There are also different types of Red Norlands depending on the skin color. ORIGIN: Selected from a cross made in North Dakota between ND9526-4 Russ x ND9687-5 Russ and tested as ND534-4 Russ. Sweet potatoes are a unique starchy root vegetable that have anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, and anti-obesity properties. (4). As with all types of potatoes, if you cook it with the skin on, be sure to thoroughly scrub the skin. These starchy potato types are fairly large and have an oval shape. Russet potatoes (also called old potatoes, baking potatoes and, sometimes, Idaho potatoes—after the state leading in production) have an elliptical shape with a rough brown Blazer Russet Blazer Russet Background – Named a variety in 2005, this is one of the newest graduates of the potato-breeding program of U.S. university research scientists in the Intermountain West and Pacific. The skin and flesh color of petite potatoes are similar to other kinds of potatoes. Russet potatoes (also called Idaho potatoes) are one of the most popular varieties of potatoes. With around 4,000 varieties of potatoes to choose from, there should be a kind of potato to suit everyone’s taste. These starchy potato types are fairly large and have an oval shape. However, the high levels of anthocyanins in this potato variety makes it a rich source of antioxidants. In recent experiments In recent experiments on the Tulelake Field Station and on the Klamath Experiment Station, many varieties and selections exceeded Because they are small varieties of potatoes, they cook quicker. They retain their purple color in cooking and have a nutty flavor. Potato preparation in various ways – clockwise from top left: baked, mashed, fried, grilled. Take note that some varieties are protected by the Plant Breeders' Rights Act.. You will also learn why these edible tubers are good for you. Types of Coconuts: Green, Brown, White and More Varieties from Around the World (With Pictures and N... Types of Potatoes: Ultimate Guide to Different Kinds of Potatoes and Their Uses, Types of Sweet Potatoes: Japanese, Hannah, Jersey and More. Varieties of waxy potatoes have a lot less starch and more moisture than the starchy types of tubers. Because the skin is fairly thin, you can cook and eat Red Bliss potatoes in their skins. Russets are low in moisture and high in starch so they cook up dry and fluffy. The red-skinned Beauregard type is the most widely cultivated sweet potato in the United States. This is a variety of blue-purple potato cultivated in France and used in gourmet French cuisine. Russet Potatoes - Russets are large potatoes with rough brown skin and pale flesh. Jewel varieties of sweet potatoes have an orange or copper-colored skin with deep orange flesh. Fingerling potato has small, long oblong shape. (6). The potatoes have dark “russet skin” that can be anywhere from light brown to dark brown in color. The Red Pontiac is also called the Dakota Chief and is a delicious red variety of potato.
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