What is an Ecolodge? The total value of Hilton Worldwide Holdings stocks, the fifth-largest chain of hotels globally, dropped by $5.66bn since the beginning of 2020. Pretty much every hostel can join or leave networks while still being completely independent. They focus on socially-responsible, fun and design-led properties that not only serve guests but also the local community. Che Lagarto was founded in 1997 and is the largest hostel chain in South America while having their stronghold in Brazil. Marriott International, the World's Largest Hotel Chain, Is Banning Small Toiletries by 2020 CEO Arne Sorensen says they'll need just over a year to phase out the tiny plastic bottles. Before you leave: Answer this quick question and help our community. Thanks for including the USA Hostels chain on your list! Thanks for featuring our hostel. Here’s a list of the top 1-20 largest hostel chains. They concentrate on making their guests feel like they’re actually living in the city. Marriott is number 1 with more than 1.3 million rooms in operation worldwide. But… which ones should you have in your hostel?Here’s a list of the... 23 Most Surprising Statistics About Hostels In 2020. Sign up to add How many properties do you expect the largest hostel chain to have by 2030? They can also greatly increase your online ratings. Oftentimes, they receive special deals and discounts through a membership model. The acquisition of two brands from Global Hyatt – the economy Microtel … The largest hotel chain in the world right now is OYO, with more than 10,000 hotels across India. I thought the same. That really makes me confident in our future. However, I expect to see chains with more than a hundred properties by 2030. Oh wow. Nest Hostels was founded in 2004 by Moises Margaix Beltran. 6. Cheers, Nils, Hi Nils, Login here! The numbers in the brackets show the exact number of properties. Cool article! THEHOSTELHELPER ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FOR ANY ERRORS AND CANNOT GUARANTEE THE COMPLETENESS AND ACCURACY. When he’s not obsessing about hostel topics you’re likely to find him at the gym – where the heavy weights are. The reason: “Since our accommodation options also have delicious onsite restaurants and bars, incredibly day tours, and engaging nighttime events. The red dot symbolizes where we currently are. Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, United States – $4.3 billion. great article! Sign up to add Register for free to The Turismo Gaviota Group from Cuba and Atlantica Hotels … The second fastest growth of the top 10 is for the number 9 Huazhu (+25.6% rooms), that completed the acquisition of the German Deutsche Hospitality the very beginning of this year. Go back home page or at the top of the page. * Book by Oct. 31, 2020… Almost all Zostels are run as a franchise model which explains its fast growth. Some might argue that the total number of beds measures the “real” size of a hostel chain. After all, other lodging industries have grown MUCH larger chains: In other words: The biggest hotel chain has more than 207 x the locations than the biggest hostel chain! Many of them diversified their brands to spread their footprint in all targeted territories. Kevin is known for his super black humor – yet, super black might still be an understatement. It works like a membership. This year's Gold List of our editors' favorite hotels, resorts, and cruise ships in the world is the first transatlantic list for Traveler, created by teams in New York and London. Mad Monkey is NOT the same as Mad Monkey Hostels. The 2020 hotel group ranking deeply illustrates the global changes in the hospitality industry. – Kevin. The 10 largest hotel chains in the US offer the best in class services, leisure and a grand experience to their customers. And that’s all?”. Kevin is the founder of TheHostelHelper and a former German engineer in his late twenties. It is getting closer to the 1 million rooms symbolic milestone. The 2020 Gold List. It’s quite popular here in Australia and I think there are also some hostels in New Zealand, too. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thehostelhelper_com-leader-3','ezslot_9',147,'0','0']));What separates Oasis Backpacker Hostels is that they are designed to make it feel more like a home rather than a hostel. Lionel Messi launches the MiM Baqueira hotel, Hyatt Announces Plans for the Hyatt Regency London Olympia, Map of the Week ! Sign up to add The U.S.-based hotel chain is the world's biggest, after its merger with Starwood Hotels and Resorts in 2016. The 10 Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Mexico 2020. The future of the hostel industry is a bright one Thanks for mentioning our hostel. Thank you for linking to our hostel. Access next article. Digital is important for the Chinese group. Happy New Year! St Christopher’s Inns is managed by a young & dynamic team. Meininger was founded in 1999 and calls itself a “hybrid hotel” since it offers budget hotels with hostel-like facilities. By far the largest hostel network is the non-profit association “Hostelling International”. They now operate under the umbrella of Nomads, too. The Venetian and The Palazzo … Marriott and Starwood launched the wedding season followed by Jin Jiang with Louvre Hotels Group and Radisson Hotel Group, Accor with Mövenpick, Fairmont Raffles, Mantis, sbe and others, IHG with Regent and Six Senses, Wyndham with La Quinta, Minor Hotels with NH, Best Western with Sweden Hotels and WorldHotels… To mention just a few, they all celebrated new unions. Mad Monkey hostels have a quite unique and altruistic approach. Loki Hostels was founded in 2005 by 3 traveler friends who started their first hostel due to the struggles they’ve experienced during their travels: “Our aim was to create a place that we would love to stay in.”. The future of the hostel industry is going to be a bright one! hotel and hostel aspects combined. in favorite. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Your email address will not be published. This US hotel chain has a 7.7% increase in its rooms supply. 1.Wyndham Hotel Group-With 7,645 luxurious properties, this company hits the top by having the world’s largest number of hotels.Spanning over 66 countries in 6 continents, it was founded by Trammell Crow, in 1981, in Dallas , Texas.Back then it, however was known under the name of Wyndham hotel … Board games are an excellent way to break the ice between hostel travelers. Would you want to know how many people they can squeeze into their facilities? Then look no further.In this article, you’ll find a list of statistics and facts that I’ve collected through my own research and analysis.... Hi, I'm Kevin and I'm a huuuge fan of hostels. Zostel was founded in 2013 and quickly became India’s as well as Asia’s largest hostel chain. IHG posted a strong growth too with +45,648 rooms comparing to 2018 (+5.4%). He also LOVES dogs and drinks too much coffee. – Kevin. Focusing on keeping the ranking leadership next year and counting on its Bonvoy™ loyalty program to develop revenues. By the end of … – Kevin, Hi Kevin, categories Hence, the following list is ranked based on the number of properties. goSTOPS is India’s second-largest hostel chain and was founded in 2013. The following chart shows the stages of industry growth. With 14 brands across different market sectors, Forbes ranked Hilton Worldwide number 36 among the United States largest … The sector grows fast taking advantage of the rising demand of travelers worldwide on the one hand. Thanks for sharing, Edward. We opened our first one in San DIego nearly 25 years ago, so it’s great to see hostels growing in Northern America. I’m convinced that as soon as investors see the profitability of a well-run hostel, there will be new and even larger chains in a matter of years. New openings - December #1 2020, IHCL signs three new hotels in partnership with Ambuja Neotia group, France: towards a severe activity contraction in Q4 but less than during the first lockdown, France: A less pessimistic outlook for 2020 thanks to the summer season but caution for the end of the year, Covid-19, the recovery will be "Guest Experience Centric" [2/2], “All these developments, mainly from public authorities have also led to private investment”, Covid-19, the recovery will be "Guest Experience Centric" [1/2], The new face of European metropolises, actively focused on welcoming [2/2], [Video] "If we use each other’s synergies, if we use each other’s resources, [...] our impact is disproportionately bigger", "EU membership has brought new ideas, new attention and new fund”, “In addition to fostering technology, another of our objectives is to champion sustainability and green spaces”, [Video] "We’re always looking at potential acquisitions of businesses that would help provide valuable services to our hotel partners", October 2020: all lights are red in Europe, September 2020: the European hotel industry falls back, September 2020: a harsh return to reality for French hoteliers, August 2020: The slow recovery of the European hotel industry, Tourism Australia attracts international visitors with immersive 8D videos, "Our fear this year is that if campsites stop investing, suppliers will not recover and we will lose some of the creativity that allows us to evolve our offer" - Part 2, Chinese Airlines see domestic traffic increase in October, [Ranking] Hotel group offers in Europe: a market as attractive as ever. 24 floors (Tower 1), 28 floors (Tower 2); Tower 2 Annex has altogether 1,286 rooms. Hilton Worldwide reaches the 4th place of the ranking despite a strong organic growth of 58,271 rooms (+6.4%), 6,055 properties. Imagine you’d search for the biggest gym chains worldwide. While Hilton leads the list, it's not the only hotel company to do so. Safestay opened its first hostel in 2014 is growing rapidly ever since. Hi, I thought Flying Pig and St. Christophers were the same. However, sometimes you as a hostel owner have to meet certain criteria or pay a fee to join these networks. This is a listing of some of the … N/A: Sept. 21 – Nov. 15, 2020: Work from Hotel with Cambria: Save 35% on 4+ night stays when you check-in Sunday through Wednesday night. © 2020 THEHOSTELHELPER.COM | WHILE I HAVE TAKEN EVERY PRECAUTION TO ENSURE THAT THE CONTENT ON THIS SITE IS BOTH CURRENT AND ACCURATE, ERRORS CAN OCCUR. All Travel Advice. Published by S. Lock, Sep 16, 2020 Global hotel chain, Wyndham Hotel Group, leads the ranking of the top hotel companies by number properties. Hostel One also has one of the most sophisticated hostel websites I’ve ever seen in the industry. It’s interesting to see that hotel and motel chains are that big. However, hostel travelers benefit from these networks, too. Huazhu is a longtime partner of Accor in China, where it owns the master franchise for Mercure, ibis and ibis style. Last position of the top 10, the Chinese BTH Hotels with +6,396 rooms (+1.8%). Since they allow any hostel to join and leave their network while still being independently owned and managed, it’s not considered a “real” chain. We graded eight major hotel brands on their health and flexible booking policies to find out which hotels handled the COVID-19 pandemic best. Cases in point: two of the brand’s hotels also secured spots on this year’s list of top 100 hotels in the world: the Leela Palace New Delhi at No. Interesting thought. Certainly if it contributes to higher EBITDA, supply development should lead to more fees (franchised and managed). You're not on this journey alone. Hilton Worldwide is the fifth largest hotel chains in the world with 4,727 hotels in 104 countries and territories. The market cap of Wyndham Worldwide, the biggest hotel chain in the world by the number of hotels, stood at $5.89bn in December, revealed the Yahoo Finance data. Put it this way: The largest motel chain has more than 36 x the locations than the largest hostel chain! Abraham Hostels in Israel operates 3 hostels with a total of 750 beds, and were about to open a 4th hostel in Eilat before COVID-19 started…, Your email address will not be published. What makes a&o hostels remarkable is that they offer modern, almost hotel-like facilities in central locations while still offering affordable prices. They also give extra attention to their design. Once signed up, you will receive a weekly newsletter with helpful tips. This content is not available in your language. Merry Christmas! a&o hostels was founded by Oliver Winter in 2000. Marriott has a global presence in 110 countries, where there are over 5,700 properties spread across 30 brands, including the Sheraton brand, which is the third biggest … If the hotel chain adds the necessary precautions like extra cleaning and the use of masks, people feel safer and are more likely to book a Hilton hotel room. K’s house was founded in 2003 and is exclusively present in Japan. Tribe theory has an incredibly enticing USP – at least from my perspective: They cater to digital nomads, traveling startups, and entrepreneurs. On top of that, they have their own projects to bring clean water to rural areas and help kids to get access to education. Since 2019, they are known as “Mad Monkey” (removed the Hostels). See further statistics about the top 10 hotel chains and the top 10 motel chains. Let’s take a glance at the look at the full list before we go into the details. Marriott is number 1 with more than 1.3 million rooms in operation worldwide. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thehostelhelper_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_2',148,'0','0']));Hostel networks work quite differently compared to hostel chains. vote Jin Jiang posted another double-digit growth in 2019 thanks to its acquisition of Radisson Hotel Group and climbed to the third position. In 2015, Nomads World bought the second biggest hostel chain in Oceania called “Base”. The « Smart Campanile » concept, developed in China, is arriving in Europe this year starting with the French market. Other well-known hostel networks are “YHA” in (worldwide) and “Selina” in South America. link to Top 10 Must-Have Board Games For Hostels, link to 23 Most Surprising Statistics About Hostels In 2020, Locations: Germany (27), Austria (3), Denmark (2), Czech Republic (2), Italy (2), Hungary (1), Netherlands (1), Poland (1), Locations: Germany (13), Austria (4), Italy (3), Netherlands (2), Belgium (2), France (2), Hungary (1), Copenhagen (1), England (1), Russia (1), Locations: England (10), Germany (3), Netherlands (3), Edinburgh (2), France (2), Wales (1), Interlaken (1), Spain (1), Belgium (1), Denmark (1), Czech Republic (1), Locations: Australia (15), New Zealand (10), Locations: Spain (8), Czech Republic (3), England (2), Hungary (2), Portugal (1), Poland (1), Locations: Cambodia (4), Philippines (4), Thailand (2), Indonesia (1), Laos (1), Australia (1), Locations: Germany (3), USA (2), Spain (2), Italy (2), England (1), Netherlands (1), Denmark (1), Ireland (1), France (1), Sweden (1), Locations: Brazil (11), Peru (1), Uruguay (1), Argentina (1), Locations: England (3), Spain (3), Scotland (1), Germany (1), Italy (1), Austria (1), Portugal (1), Czech Republic (1), Belgium (1), Locations: India (3), Indonesia (1), Singapore (1), Myanmar (1), Estonia (1), Philippines (1), Portugal (1), Locations: Spain (5), Caribbean (1), Portugal (1), Locations: Peru (4), Argentina (1), Bolivia (1), Locations: Germany (1), Austria (1), England (1), Hungary (1), Italy (1), Locations: Thailand (3), Cambodia (1), Philippines (1), Locations: Germany (1), Czech Republic (1), Italy (1), a) how fast they go through these stages (trends vs. long-term opportunities) and. 2020 is promising for the hospitality industry with heavy pipelines for all the top 10 hotel groups. When using “biggest”, I am talking about the number of properties. [Source]. I think you forgot the hostel chain “YHA”. They don’t call themselves a “hostel” but rather a “global entrepreneurial ecosystem”. Its agile development model, strongly based on digital tools, allows it to grow faster than the other hospitality groups. The Indian brand OYO, who entered top 10 only last year, jumped to the second rank with more than 1.2 million rooms worldwide. YHA is listed under hostel networks. Updated 1158 GMT (1958 HKT) January 17, 2020. Its President and CEO, Arne M. Sorenson announced big development ambitions with nearly 300,000 rooms to open by 2021. While looking at the total number of properties you might wonder: “Really? We are proud to be listed on your website. Wyndham Hotel Group developed its portfolio of 21,092 rooms (+2,6%) and the French Accor, gained 23,515 rooms (+3.3%). Lol… I thought there are waaaaaaaaay bigger chains than that. In December, the market cap of the hotel … I’ll visit one of their hostels in a few months and I can’t wait to experience the entrepreneurial spirit first-hand. Here, I'll cover the full range of pearls of hostel wisdom for old stagers and newbie hostel owners. As of June 2020, Wyndham accounted for … After just five years, Indian hotel chain OYO is headed for the big time: to take the top spot as the world’s No. Interesting read! 69 Things Owners Wish They Had Known Before Starting A Hostel. Also, Selina bought Hatters, a few years ago now. in favorite. 21 Top Eco Resorts and Eco Hotels Around the World. Its President and CEO, Arne M. Sorenson announced big development ambitions with nearly 300,000 … Enough reason to start the online resource TheHostelHelper. Join Our Community Of Like-Minded Hostel Owners! That makes me confident that there’s still plenty of room to grow =), Oh yeah! In the middle of his grad school studies, he started a consulting business and broke several branch records within the first six months… until he finally quit this venture to pursue his passion for hostels. The Posadas Group from Mexico was the largest hotel chain in Latin America in 2020, nearly 30 thousand rooms available. According to data presented by StockApps.com, the combined market capitalization of Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, Choice Hotels International, Marriott International, Intercontinental … The future will tell whether this business model is sustainable or not as the firm is currently dismissing 6,000 employees in China following the Coronavirus crisis. The group is now entering Europe with the purchase of an historical player, willing to develop its portfolio on the Old Continent. Their goal is to increase the number of properties by 2 every year. 75015 Paris, Receive a personalized newsletter according to your interests. Since hostels solve a basic need for accommodation, it’s safe to say that this industry is going to have a loooong growth and maturity stage.
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