Turn left on the red-blazed trail marked “Minnewaska Lake Loop.” (Our next destination is Kempton Ledge on the Castle Point Carriageway.) For those looking for the best trails in Minnewaska State Park, this can be a great option for people of all skill and ability levels. You can get some speed on the way down from Kempton Ledge so be careful. Share on Hiking Project. Region. By Park Name; By Location; By Amenity; Find a Parks by Name. I took the Upper Awosting trail 3.1 miles to the Lake Awosting trail, around Lake Awosting. This loop totaled about 12 miles. Particularly Special Place. This hike can be made entirely on Minnewaska carriageways, gently ascending on the way out and similarly descending on the way back. It was a little gloomy this morning and we were worried about rain so it was just a short hike today. With an easily accessible parking area, and well maintained trails, these two trails are great for a solo hike or outing with the whole family. Mountain laurel bushes, whose gorgeous pink and white flowers are abundant along trails in mid-June are often found in these same forests. From the beginning of Millbrook Mountain Trail, it’s a straight shot all the way back to Lake Minnewaska, following those red blazes to the shore of the lake, about 1.2 miles away. I went during fall foliage and it was great. Past the east end of Lake Minnewanka, the trail skirts the shore of the first Ghost Lake to a channel connecting it with the second Ghost Lake. 9. The Beacon Hill Trail climbs a little more, levels off and ends at a grassy picnic area (formerly a ball field). Cross to the opposite side (an easy ford), where you can either wander eastward into the Devil’s Gap or turn right and follow a 9 km trail running back to the south shore of Lake Minnewanka. The loop hike started on a nice, smooth, fairly level carriage-road that took us around part of Lake Minnewaska. Middle Village, New York. The next section was also on a carriage-road with a slight increase in elevation, but still a walk in the park compared to what was to come. Password help. I then took the Castle Point trail back to the parking. Millbrook Mountain Carriage Road – yellow-diamond-blazed (1.2 miles) – This old road leaves the end of Lake Minnewaska, passes by Hamilton Point Carriage Road as well as the Gertrudes Nose Trail and continuing back to Lake Minnewaska as the Millbrook Mountain Footpath. Lake Minnewaska Loop & Awosting Falls Kerhonkson, NY 2.9 miles roundtrip. The views from Castle Point and Kempton Ledge are amazing. Find a Parks by Location. Log In. Continuing on the red trail, we passed the swimming beach that gave another gorgeous view of the lake. Minnewaska State Park Preserve was once the site of two mountaintop hotels. First we did a full clockwise loop around Lake Minnewaska on the red blazed trail. From the parking area, head back along the entrance road for about 0.1 mile, passing the park maintenance center (a former garage) on the right. 24. You'll hike directly around Lake Minnewaska and enjoy the wildflowers in the area. Minnewaska State Park Preserve is situated on the dramatic Shawangunk Mountain ridge, which rises more than 2,000 feet above sea level and is surrounded by rugged, rocky terrain. I wanted to do a moderate hike the day after stuffing myself with Thanksgiving turkey and burn off some calories. Ask acedaughter about Minnewaska State Park Preserve . The trail follows the cliff edge to the east, passing a kayak and diver trail, several gazebos on scenic overlooks of the lake, an old barn, and an overlook with a view towards New Paltz. Follow the signs pointing you to “LAKE MINNEWASKA” and “MILLBROOK MOUNTAIN TRAIL” – Lake Minnewaska and your scenic leeches, here we come! Lake Minnewaska Loop Trail. It's one of the most ambitious park systems in the country, and connecting it all is the Grand Rounds: a continuous, 51-mile loop of off-street bike trails throughout the entire city. From the parking area, head east on a wide path, following the sign to “Awosting Falls.” When you reach the access road to Lake Minnewaska, turn right, cross a concrete bridge over the Peters Kill, then turn left onto the Awosting Falls Carriage Road. Reviewed November 22, 2019 . 4 1. Lake Minnewaska Loop Trail is a stunning well-groomed path for all skill levels that features breathtaking views of Minnewaska Lake throughout the 1.9-mile loop. In places, the carriage road narrows to a footpath and it is maintained as a trail and not like the well manicured carriage roads in the interior of the preserve. New York's state parks... With all there is to see and do, how will you spend your time? It includes many great viewpoints. Moderate loop. The carriage road you are following was built in 1907 to link the Mohonk Mountain House with Minnewaska, and it is marked with Your FREE account works with all Adventure Projects sites . The Minnewaska State Park Preserve is over 22,000 acres and is quite special. Minnewaska State Park is perfect for hiking near NYC. Sign Up . Not a bad place to take a dip, if it’s open and you’re so inclined. This hike loops around Beacon Hill and Lake Minnewaska, with many panoramic views. 3 Thank acedaughter . For those that love waterfalls, there is plenty to see – from the Stony Kills Falls, Awosting Falls, to the Verkeerderkill Falls. Beacon Hill and Lake Minnewaska Easy Loop Minnewaska State Park Preserve. We kept on the trail and started following the red blazed trail labeled “Minnewaska Lake Loop.” There is a pretty awesome lookout right away of the lake and the cliffs. OR. We’ll wait. Because we wanted to see a waterfall, we drove to the other side and went to Lake Minnewaska Awosting Falls. When we returned to our parking area, we then went down the road until we got to the Beacon Hill Carriageway. Connect with Facebook. Trail: Walk/Run: Bike: Chain of Lakes. New York-New Jersey Trail Conference Beacon Hill and Lake Minnewaska Easy Loop. Beaches, boat launches, hiking trails, campsites, and golf courses all await you! Quiet parks along the Mississippi riverfront sit next to trendy bars and restaurants in the North Loop, while lakes and creeks fit harmoniously into residential neighborhoods. Many of the scenic trails and historic carriageways wind their way around two "sky lakes." Share a Gem . 41.729, -74.2371 . Next Generation Hiking Trail Maps. Minnewaska State Park Hike, Mossy Glen/Rainbow Falls/Castle Point/Hamilton Point Loop ... Bear Mountain Loop via Major Welch Trail (Red Circle) on GoPro Hero 2014 - … At the lake, go right following lake in a counter-clockwise direction. Follow the Red Trail down past the swimming beach. 1.68: 11.77. Approximately 7 minutes, 5 hours. Add a Symbol . Share a Photo . Date of experience: December 2019. Cross the picnic area and turn left onto a gravel road - the red-diamond-blazed Lake Minnewaska Carriageway, which circles Lake Minnewaska. OR. One of the best thing about the bike trails in The Iowa Great Lakes are there are many great loop rides you can enjoy. A short walk around the Lake. Short walk from the parking lot to the waterfall. After that, we came up to the bathroom facility. This section of the Lake Minnewaska Trail at Minnewaska State Park Preserve is an easy 0.6-mile one-way trail that runs from the picnic area on the eastern side of Lake Minnewaska and follows the lake around to the Wildmere parking area. This 30 mile loop ride can easily become a 40 mile or 50 mile ride depending on how many miles you are wanting to get in.This ride began in Milford but there are a variety of places to park and begin your ride all along this route. This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. We took the Beacon Hill Carriageway to the Beacon Hill Trail and then ending up back on the red blazed Lake Minnewaska Carriageway. Trail Guide: [0.0 miles] From the Lake Minnewaska (upper) parking lot, trail is straight ahead. During your venture, there are many opportunities to explore your curiosity of the area with various trails that intersect the path. To the left, an unmarked path leads to another spectacular east-facing viewpoint. Share a Video . In the event starting from Awosting Falls (lower) parking lot, head towards Awosting Falls and then turn right hiking upward on a curving trail to Lake Minnewaska. We picked blueberries from the bushes around the lake loop and we enjoyed the views sitting down to take in the sights, the wildlife and the breeze. You'll see hemlock, mountain laurel and pine here. The Beacon Hill Carriageway Loop at Minnewaska State Park Preserve is an easy 1.4-mile loop that leads up to a vista point atop Beacon Hill. Don’t worry if hiking is not your thing, Lake Minnewaska is perfect for swimming and to cool off in the hot summer months. We hiked to Agosting Falls, took the loop trail around the lake and also visited Stony Kills Falls. In 2017, the Stony Kill Area Trail Project at Minnewaska State Park Preserve, created a formal, sustainable hiking trail to provide safe access and views of the Stony Kill Waterfall. Sign Up or Log In. All along the trails and cliff edges of Minnewaska, visitors may encounter a globally rare forest of pitch pines. Many use this old road as a loop hike to Gertrude’s Nose. 29barbarac. These evergreen trees, most often found in sand dunes along coastal areas, are uniquely adapted to survive and thrive from forest fires. The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference builds, maintains, and protects hiking trails in the NY-NJ Metro region and educates the public about their responsible use. It's a round trip hike that includes four different trails and was approximately 7.5 miles long. Select a state park Or enter the name of state park. Starting at the upper parking lot, the trail is a bi-directional loop around Lake Minnewaska. Being that it was Black Friday, I was hoping that there would be more people in the malls than on the trails. This hike follows two trails - the Beacon Hill Carriageway and the Beacon Hill Trail before finally ending at the picnic area along the Lake Minnewaska Carriageway Trail. Our coalition of 100 clubs and 10,000 individuals supports and tends a network of 2,100 miles of trails. With the network of trails and carriage roads available in Minnewaska State Park Preserve, hikers can connect to the various other preserves on the ridge. Skip to main content. Lake Minnewaska and Lake Awosting are the centerpieces of the park preserve, from which most other scenic attractions can be reached. You’ll also stroll past a bathroom facility, which you’re welcome to take advantage of. Though not a particularly challenging pair of hikes, the Lake Minnewaska Loop and the Awosting Falls trail pack a scenic punch. This should not be undertaken lightly however, because the loop around the lake is approximately 3.5 miles long, which must be added to the 6 mile round trip to and from the lake.
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