between $100 to $2000. sold for over 11 million USD in 2011 making it the most expensive pearl. A great way to start Known as the Rolls Royce of pearls. Not all pearl jewelry Real pearls, also called natural pearls, have not been altered or synthetically made. But rare or unique types of pearls can grow in worth jewelry. Tahitian Pearls – These (and the Sea of Cortez pearls) are the only naturally occurring dark pearls on the market. product) we like to think that the item gains in value instead of losing value to over $100,000 for a strand of South Sea pearls. baroque or off-round pearls and also have higher demand. A wild pearl will be worth more than a cultured pearl. of vintage pearl jewelry that sell at high prices even today. flaws typically cost more than imperfect pearls. Freshwater pearls come intervention. These pearls strike the perfect balance between quality, sophistication and value. The most valuable real pearls are white with a rose undertone, a perfect round shape and have few or no blemishes. At least Most White South Sea pearls come from If you want to sell the pearls on your own, place an ad in the newspaper or hold an online auction. © 2018 JEWELRYSHOPPINGGUIDE.COM ALL RIGHT RESERVED |, ENGAGEMENT RINGS, WEDDING RINGS AND WEDDING BAND, WHAT JEWELRY TO WEAR WITH YOUR WEDDING DRESS, Not all pearls are created equal, so the answer to, Pearls can be either natural (wild) or cultured. Virtually all pearls on the market are cultured. They’re typically more It’s not necessary to Akoya pearls are typically round and small averaging 6mm to 8mm in size. Expect to pay between We begin by explaining the different pearl types and their worth before moving on to talk about other characteristics that have an impact on pearl prices. They are the largest and most valuable pearls grown today, with average sizes ranging from 10 to 15 millimeters. more. Pearls today are receiving as much attention as any other stone, and with the renewed interest in pearls, you might be wondering how much your pearls are worth. Sea pearls’ high price as they are the largest type of pearls. A traditional strand of white pearls can range from $100 (Freshwater pearl necklace) to $10,000 (Akoya pearl necklace). Cultured pearls are real pearls – don’t worry, they’re not fake. Takeaway: Brands and jewelry setting quality The largest pearl ever found was harvested in a wild clam by a Filipino fisherman. Takeaway: Large, round pearls with no surface To keep it short, on average, a pearl’s value ranges from $300 to $1500. The value of a typical pearl can range from $300.00 to $1,500.00. Some high-end antique vendors will provide provenance documentation at the time of sale. Cultured Pearl earrings are also often inexpensive as they usually contain only two pearls. 8mm to 13mm in size and are somewhat smaller than South Sea pearls. An Akoya strand will They are grown from pearl-bearing oysters in either saltwater or freshwater. hub of the industry. seller and ensure your pearls are authentic and of good quality. Classic, elegant and always sophisticated, pearls have always been one of the most popular and meaningful gifts. Pearl Earring Size – What Size Should I Choose? An identical replica set can be had for only US$99! A quick search on estate jewelry sites will bring up results of expensive pearl jewelry. This is one reason for South However, pearl strands are the most expensive because they typically require a large number of identical pearls. In the beginning, To keep it short, on average, a pearl’s value ranges from $300 to $1500. Australia, while the Golden South Sea pearl is primarily farmed in the It will be much more expensive to replace them in the future than you’ll receive if you sell them. Many of the top retailers like Blue Nile and James Allen also carry exclusive pearl collections at excellent prices. In general, loose Tahitian pearls range in price from $70 to about $1500. Takeaway: The most expensive pearl is valued at pearl jewelry on a budget, it’s best to skip the big names and opt for smaller Check out Edison pearls, which are a testament to this Tahitian pearls also grow very large and what makes them stand out is their oil slick like overtone of colors that can be seen on the surface of the pearl. While experts typically don’t recommend investing in jewelry, a high-quality piece of pearl jewelry can last a lifetime and be handed down as a heirloom. About Us retains or grows in value. If you invest in high-quality pearl jewelry, they’ll last for decades loved. more than blemished or flawed pearls. vary in price from around $50 to approximately $1500. How Can Jewelry Settings Affect Pearl Jewelry Prices? Bring documentation supporting the provenance of the pearls in the jewelry to assist the appraiser in determining an accurate value if possible. The larger pearls are valued higher than small pearls because they take Needless to say, a wild pearl will be worth much more than a similar cultured pearl. Contact a third party to sell your pearls. Whether you have inherited some pearls from Grandma or have bought some in a thrift store, you may be wondering how to find out how much your pearls are worth. Are you not sure which pearl company you want to pick that will help you grow? All pearls you find at a local jeweler will be referred to as cultured pearls unless otherwise noted at natural pearls, and these cultured pearls can include the Akoya, Freshwater, South Sea and Tahitian pearls. Today in L.A., a large purple Quahog pearl is being auctioned at Bonhams Lapidary Works of Art, Gemstones and Minerals auction. This is a It’s easy to get carried away when shopping for pearl jewelry, so setting a budget will help you in finding the right piece at the right price. However, black, gold on type). Akoya Pearls – The classic, round white pearls that are highly sought after, Akoya pearls are the most popular pearl variety.
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