Thank you in advance. Get More. This knot is a little … I have Sargossa 8000's with Terez rod. - Budget in the $120-$140 range. Kigan titanium hook-keeper. But he managed to appreciate the admirers of other methods of spinning fishing. Identify the parts of your fishing pole. On one end, tie a 1-ounce sinker – a sinker with pellets inside that makes noise is even better, but no matter – just any one-ounce sinker works. Cobia 261 Jul 6, 2020 #2 Very nice. Casting is much easier with a spinning setup. Siren 3 Pro. Shrimp, fish bites, cut mullet, sand fleas for bait. It gets the line down and under control quickly and reduces Rod and Reel selection for Cobia fishing: For my daily Cobia fishing trips either anchored or drift fishing, I prefer conventional (casting) style combos. The circle hook will do the hook setting for you! Gear. Spinning rods require you to flip the bail arm and hold the line with your index finger before casting, with a baitcaster you flick a switch, cast and then control the spool with your thumb. Re: best spinning rod for the money Post by Can'tCatchAnything » April 25th, 2017, 6:26 pm I have a 7 ft. G. Loomis E6x Inshore 844S F for my 4000 Stradic FK and I feel that is a really good set-up, would be better to use the 5000 on it as far as balance is concerned, but it's pretty nice as it is. Also star paraflex rods are great as well and have lifetime over the counter warranty. All Rights Reserved, Looking for any suggestions on rod and reel setup for cobia. For this I would suggest a good inshore spinning rod as your first pier fishing pole. The folks there specialize in making top-of-the-line cobia rods that suit … … The reason I prefer conventional rods & reels is a very low line twist when fighting these beast of a fish. He usually has four rods, each rigged with different types of artificials or set up to use with live bait. A great … How to Rig Slip Floats and Popping Corks. 2. 1. a curly tail on a jig head and 2. a line with a with a big live bait hook (put a croaker/mullet/pinfish on if / when they show up) 6500 spinning reel For this video, we're going to start with the spinning rod, because of the two, this is by far the easier technique or easier setup to learn how to … You will probably get the best results using live bait. Trending . Or catching a 141-pound cobia on any rod and reel for that matter… Check out Elie Tackchi with Reel Deal Sports Fishing catching the biggest cobia ever landed on hook and line.. We like to use a standard large saltwater spinning setup or a large baitcasting reel and rod. By Sam Hudson. Spinning Rod Beginners Corner I n the last issue we discussed guide placement for casting rods. “Fishing for cobia from a kayak can be challenging because boats with towers can spot them and get to them faster,” states Jerry. The SW80M Saltwater Rod Blank is a Moderate-Fast action, medium power blank that has cemented MHX in the heavy saltwater and offshore fishing community. Holy Cobia! Every Cobia rod is built with our propretary Carbon Coil Technology™ construction which strengthens the IM7 graphite blank by using a double-helix configuration of materials. In addition to the live baiting this is an excellent lighter rod for dolphin, sailfish, cobia or stripers. Depths anywhere from 50-350 but I’ve always caught them surface to minus 35ft. The fish migrate to find a preferred water temperature, and can be found overwintering in south Florida. They also like to feed on scrap fish from shrimp boats. I can't vouch for Cobia specific gear but you can't go wrong with Star Paraflex and Plasma rods. It is the very basic foundation to achieve fun and success in saltwater fishing.. Once you are done, the reel needs to be set up with the rod and you are … Heavier casting rods tend to be a bit better for offshore fishing around markers. Latest. They have an Xtra fast taper with a 7mm tip and a butt dia of approx. i bottom fish for cobia using the same set-up i use for drum. © 2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. I prefer spinning gear in the 30-pound class. If your rod breaks into 2 parts or more, the joint where the sections fit together is called the ferrule. Hook Keeper Super light weight & spooled full of 40-50lb Braid you can whip any Cobia that swims w/a 4K size Inshore Combo Using Multi-Purpose Transducers to Find Fish. Best Line Set Up for Bass Fishing with Spinning Gear. Anglers fishing salty waters can expect to run into five pounders, thirty pounders, and hundred-pound fish on the same day. He anchors on a sharp drop or significant hump so the boat is in shallow water and the chum … Equipment for spinning and plug casting should be a medium to medium heavy rod and reel with 12# to 20# line. Cobia pull hard and can take a little while to land. Pinfish, Grunts, Blue Runners, and Eels are excellent, but Catfish (spines removed) are your safest bet. Cobia. I did not know shimano switched I had to double check on their website. This blank is a perfect choice for an all around live bait rod for slow trolling weed lines or using on the kite for sailfish. That was nice! But that’s just the beginning! 5.7k Views. Rugged one-piece chrome wire guides and a carbide tiptop reduce line friction and hold up to saltwater corrosion. Fishing Basics: Cobia can be caught by spinning, plug casting, bottom fishing and by trolling. The male ferrule inserts into a female ferrule. Any suggestions ? I hope that you have understood the types of fishing reel and how to set up a fishing reel. I have a saragosa 6000 with a 8ft H teramar. This to me is the deadliest combo to use for trolling for either kings, bobo, Spanish, cobia, wahoo, mahi, sailfish, or tarpon. The pair of anglers stood side-by-side on the boat, heavy spinning rods in hand while hanging on tightly to a bow rail. The best spinning setup for bonefish is a light spinning rod paired with an ultra-light saltwater spinning reel and 6 to 8 lb monofilament line. Penn Spinfisher 6500 combo with their penn jigging rods 50lb braid. Fly-Fishing Tactics for Cobia. Here are my thoughts and maybe some options: 7'6" Heavy or Mag Heavy, maybe 8' Probably run 30# braid and a 40 or 50# leader So far, I've found the following that I think fit the best: Gloomis E6X 966S MF - 8', Mag Heavy, Mod Fast, 3/4-6oz bait (best … Highlights of St. Croix Legend Elite Spinning Rod: Fuji® Torzite® tangle-free guides with titanium frames. Want more stuff like this? Start with a setup for your general inshore fishing. Rods Reels over a 6000 series seem a little large to me but to each their own. How To. Cobia can be found year-round in some areas, but are generally migratory. Boats. 1. a curly tail on a jig head and 2. a line with a 1/4 oz weight, Carolina rig with a big live bait hook (put a croaker/mullet/pinfish on if / when they show up) Both served me well. Sep 22, 2016 2,191 1,295 HOLLYWOOD Name Mananagat Boat "CATTLE BOAT" Jul 6, 2020 #3 Roosta said: I've been using this battery on my kite setup for over a year and I'm really happy with how it works. See more. Stop Rocking the (Small) Boat. 3. If you want to catch cobia from a kayak, you need to be in an area where you are not competing with boats. How to Pick the Best Saltwater Fishing Rods. Spinning reels are more forgiving than a conventional or baitcaster. These reels have been used to haul big stripers, cobia and tarpon out of the surf and are popular with the west coast long range crowd. This will be used to target fish that are generally in the 1-20 pound range, such as seatrout, red and black drum, flounder, tripletail, and more. Patriotic Angler Episode 11 – When Is The Best Time To Fish. That was nice! Additionally, anglers have a lot more emotional attachment to custom rods. 1 10' spinning combo for light/medium bottom fishing with 2 - 5 oz of weight with a 1 or 2 hook bottom rig. When using live bait with a circle hook, when the Cobia eats the bait lift the rod tip up and start reeling in line fast; do not set the hook. I think I have decided on the Stradic 4000 for the reel, but rod selection is a challenge. I spool a 5500 to 6500 series reel with 50-pound braided line and tie on a 2-foot 60-pound fluorocarbon leader using the FG knot. This should be around 12 to 13 foot and capable of throwing 8oz and bait. “The first fish show up off Hampton, at York Spit and Bluefish Rock,” Blow said. Again, you can now set up your fishing reel on your own from now on. The Ugly Stik Elite is a graphite rod. They have an Xtra fast taper with a 7mm tip and a butt dia of approx. More Gear. Irwin said he tries to be prepared for any opportunity when fishing for cobia. When rigging a fish, hook it in front of the dorsal fin using a 4/0-7/0 hook. I use a crowder 7 1/2' rod and shimano Stradic 5000 spooled with power pro 30 #, Reels over a 6000 series seem a little large to me but to each their own. while not ideal, a 10/'or 11' rod and a Penn 750ssm spooled with 30# braid, a 50# mono shock leader and 6" 80# mono leader to a 10/0 circle with a chunk or a head. A serious south wind was blowing, pushing frothy 3-foot waves hard into the white sand beaches of Pensacola. I have an el-cheapo Eagle Claw spin reel ($35) and a cheap Silstar surf rod with 50 or 65 pound braid that I've caught tarpon to #100 pounds and a shark that was about 6 feet long. A complete how-to from spooling the reel with braided line, to tying a knot for attaching a monofilament leader and hook to the braided line. Rugged one-piece chrome wire guides and a carbide tiptop reduce line friction and hold up to saltwater corrosion. You'll need 10 lb monofilament or 20 lb braid. The same gear used for tuna fishing will work for these tenacious fighters. But when it comes to spin cast fishing, you can get away with not getting a fancy set up because the drag washers are bigger and how well it is made isn't a factor for casting. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates on LSU Football and Recruiting. Murder is killing … Rod and Reel selection for Cobia fishing: For my daily Cobia fishing trips either anchored or drift fishing, I prefer conventional (casting) style combos. Cobia use stingrays the way a hunter uses a bird dog to flush game. How to Use Fishing Lights. Once you’ve got your rod and reel, it’s time to spool it up with some fishing line. Make the forum great again.....consolidate general fishing with for sale or business but keep reports separate! I will be fishing from a Hewes Redfisher. Started with a 8' heavy power extra fast action MHX saltwater blank wrapped with Fuji guides/reel seat and eva handles. rexor_rn Online Angler. I usually bring between 2-3 trolling setups and at least one 4-5000 spinning setup for sight casting. Hoping to put together a rod/reel that can handle either cobia or bull red. It gets the line down and under control quickly and reduces weight on the rod’s mid and tip areas, both of which improve casting distance, … Spool up with 30 to 50-pound Power Pro or Sufix 832 line, with a 6-foot top shot of 40 to 50 … But the cutoff day was August 1, 2014 if anyone is curious about theirs as well. As you probably already know, … I know this is a bit rhetorical as the bastards have eaten some crazy shite at times.....I have a yellow toilet paper story. I always had 2 rods ready for cobia. This will be used for jigging pompano, spanish, whiting and other small game fish and for using a sabiki rig to catch bait. The butt it the thick part of your rod … I use the same rod in spinning version for casting surface irons. Basically what Tom said, but no weight in the live bait rod. Travel. Here is a video to help understand the basic techniques and tactics of using a spin cast rod and reel when sight fishing the saltwater flats and backcountry waters. All rights reserved. The reel should be spooled with at least 225 yds of 20-30 lb test. Digitaka sells the 4kH Catalina for ~$400-Shipped & JW sells the GH 150g Rod for ~$250-Shipped. In the fall, the cycle starts over when the fish begin to migrate down as cool weather sets i… Updated: October 10, 2019. A shorter rod is also a better choice for jigging or trolling. SOB....i had 2 perfect little catfish in my pinfish trap last week that i threw out, Iv never fished them any where but Louisiana,, always catch them around platform legs, anchor bouys or even some trash floating while platform hopping. Want more stuff like this? … The longer handle makes it more difficult to cast and use artificial lures over and over again. October 3, 2019 October 7, 2019; by topsail If you are just starting out fishing on your local pier then you may be a little confused as to all of the advice you will get online about what kind of pier fishing rod setup you should use. I'll agree with the Saragossa and terez rod. They hold up well and of course you can't beat the warranty. The beast of a cobia weighed a mind-blowing 141-pounds and took almost an hour to land off the Hallaniyat Islands, Oman. I run Para/Plasma rigs for Tarpon, Sharks, Bull Reds and 50-100 pound class Black Drum. soon to be new seeker customs. How To. Understand as well that saltwater rods are fitted using materials that can withstand tough fish and rough elements. You will want two different rods. Here’s a table of recommended tackle depending on your style of fishing: Technique Rod Reel Line; Spinning/casting: 7-8’ medium … I love it for bigger lures and bait for snook, cobia and other fish. For most fisherman, a 7ft or 9ft medium-heavy to heavy setup is best. There should be NO Commercial Fishing for any fish species considered 'Over-fished' , 'Undergoing Overfishing' or Subject to Recreational Seasons, Limits, or Closures... Game Fish Status IS the Answer !!! at 6'6" it can still cast pretty good(obviously not as good as an 8'+) and is easy to handle. These outfits are ideal for targeting fish in the 30lb – 80lb class in open water situations. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! The paraflex is $50 cheaper though. Any of the major reel brands will work. It's really flashy in the sun. Best Bets for … These critters make up the majority of a Cobia’s diet. A 7- to 8-foot medium-heavy to heavy fast action rod with a stout backbone is crucial to make quick accurate casts and drive the hook home. Email address: Leave this field empty if you're human: Don't worry, we don't spam. Cobe sight casting setup I have is a Penn 706Z with 30 pound fireline on a 8 foot ugly stick tiger light. Brightly colored, jigs Bucktail (in white, lime green, yellow) and noisy sinking or diving plugs are popular … The rod is a west coast style live bait rod , again with a rock solid reputation. The Offshore Angler™ Ocean Master® Cobia Spinning Rod also has the sensitivity you crave in a serious standup rod. Previous article Cobia; You May Also Like. On a boat Id pick up a Penn Battle 6000 or a Shimano baitrunner of that size, load it with braid, and a 7 foot med. Cobia prefer structure such as reefs and wrecks, but will also venture into the shallows along with schools of stingrays. Realistically it’s going to predominantly be throwing lures chasing Aus Salmon or similar, so probably looking at a ‘lighter’ Rod. Would like to stick with Shimano. The best all-around line set up on your spinning gear is a nice 10 – 15 lbs braided line, and then you add a 20 – 25 foot leader of 6 or 8lbs fluorocarbon.Tie the fluoro leader line together to the braid with a double uni-knot, and you should be in business. I always had 2 rods ready for cobia. This is a nice setup but its roughly $180, which is definitely in the expensive range for a spinning rod. Having a rod that is more medium is better when throwing live baits and a stiffer rod is required when throwing lures. My customers are reeling just about constantly while fighting Cobia, if you are using spinning … Today's video we're going to talk about the differences in a spinning rod and reel setup versus a bait casting combo; where each is going to shine, the techniques both are going to handle and how you can use both in your arsenal to be most effective on the water. Handle. The Florida Keys’ Monster Barracudas. ADVERTISEMENT . A 7ft 12-25 rated rod for casting soft plastics on a baitcasters and the same Rod for catching livebait. The best casting rods allow you to make pin point accurate casts on a larger setup with greater ease than a spinning rod.. Throw out all the old concepts regarding spinning guide sizing and placement - we’ve got a much better way now. (65 Photos) Newsletter. The best way to choose the reel is to select according to your style of fishing. Getting this hook set in the fish is very difficult if the rod is too soft. I use a 6’6″ heavy rod for deep iron fishing also in conventional. Trending . Gear. Light Setup 7’ MH Spinning Rod: You’ll quickly find a fast to extra fast action composite spinning rod will be the most comfortable outfit for hours of casting small to medium sized unweighted soft baits, jigs and smaller plugs. With its longer length and … A cobia mouth is very hard and most lures have a large offshore style hook. Travel. You don't need really heavy tackle to get a cobia to the boat, but you better have a good gaff and put the fish immediately into a fish box or have some sort of attitude adjuster ready when he comes over the rail. Like this? A more brawny set up is recommended when tangling with cobia, as medium- to heavy-action 7-foot conventional rods for live-baiting like a Okuma Azores AZ-C-661MH, spinning rods for sight-casting such as a Shimano Tallus TLS69MHBBL. heavy rod. FYI- Shimano no longer has a lifetime warranty on their rods... Yep you can forget about lifetime warranties on shimano rods , one year is all you get now and if you need to exercise that warranty there's no guarantee you'll get the same exact rod you sent in as they change models often and will substitute whatever the equivalent model is if yours happens to be discontinued.... gosa SW on paraflex. Cobia are best caught using heavy spinning tackle or traditional saltwater gear. A fishing rod can be a complex piece of equipment so it is wise to learn the terminology before assembling your own. In the space of a few hours, saltwater anglers … Quote Reply Topic: Cobia setup Posted: 06 February 2017 at 12:09pm: What's the best rod and spinning reel combo to use on Cobia, I want the combo to be lightweight, I want it to be able to fish a buck tail or fish a bait on the bottom, one that will use braid and enough to not get spooled.
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