It has a smooth and creamy texture that is quite soothing and may help numb the mouth. High-protein foods may aid the recovery process. We’ll explain what an impacted wisdom tooth is and how it’s treated. That said, many zinc-rich foods such as steak and other meats are difficult to consume after dental surgery, so Greek yogurt can be a great alternative. Can I use toothpaste after wisdom tooth extraction? The wound caused by a wisdom tooth removal is not usually chronic and heals more quickly. BuzzFeed Staff. How soon after your extraction procedure can you eat? Blend your soups to remove any solid pieces while retaining the flavors you enjoy. Also, avoid drinking with a straw, because the suction can cause a painful condition called dry socket. Smoothies are a great way to boost your nutrition when you struggle to eat a solid meal. Afterwards, you can eat soft things like Top Ramen or pudding for a few days, but DON'T suck it down or use a straw on drinks, non-alcoholic, of course. They are filling, a good source of fiber and loaded with vitamins and minerals (20). You may also choose to eat fish, as it’s usually soft enough to eat. Mashing bananas can further soften their texture to reduce the risk of discomfort. Cottage cheese is low in calories and packed with vitamins and minerals (19). From Indonesia to Greece to Brazil, soup is a staple in every kitchen on the globe. Therefore, one should know the right foods to eat after wisdom tooth extraction, so that one does not have to be in pain and worry about food to eat. We hope your tooth extraction turned out all right and you're fully recovered. Gradually add solid foods as you heal. When you have any issue with your wisdom tooth-like pain or cavity, you should seek a dentist. Straws create suction in the mouth that increases the risk of developing a dry socket. Wait for a week or so before you add them back to your menu. Broths are typically lighter and will have less nutritional value. In addition, soups are generally rich in vitamins and minerals. So, it will be best to stick to have in smaller amounts for a while until you become accustomed to eating without pain. Eat in small portions after wisdom tooth removal: One thing to keep in mind when you are eating after it is that it may be hard to focus on eating well after your teeth are done being removed. An individual’s healing and comfort will determine when they can eat more solid foods. Included is detail on causes and diagnosis. Excellent foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal include smoothies, soup and broths, Greek yogurt, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, apple purée, bananas, banana ice cream, cottage cheese, instant oatmeal, mashed or puréed pumpkin and salmon. If what can I eat after a tooth extraction still puzzles you or you're ready to schedule an appointment, contact us today. Make sure to consume the broth either lukewarm or cold to avoid irritating the wound. 1. What You Cannot Eat. The foods that one can eat after extraction are also limited. Straws are a no-no after you have a wisdom tooth removed. However, avoid fruits with small seeds. To eat soup I filled the spoon, brought it up to my mouth slid it into my mouth and tilt my head backwards. Another great snack option is oatmeal. The amount of time someone should take off work depends on the severity of the surgery, and may depend on whether general anesthetic was used. A person can prevent an infection by using antibiotics correctly, following any advice given by the dentist or surgeon, and avoiding the foods listed above. It’s wise to ensure your soups are either lukewarm or cold, as hot soups can cause irritation. Take every medication as directed. They tend to have more omega-3 fats, which may aid wound healing (12). A 38-year-old member asked: ... Tooth sensitivity after wisdom teeth extraction. Tooth extraction is a painful process and at that if it's the wisdom tooth, it is all the more painful. A person may experience temporary numbing for several weeks or months, which can make eating and drinking more difficult. Here's what you…. Also, a person has a higher risk of developing dry socket if they: If dry socket occurs, contact the dentist or surgeon who removed the tooth for a follow-up appointment. If no complications arise, the tooth socket will heal completely. Mashing vegetables removes the need for chewing. The following foods can be harmful when healing from a wisdom tooth removal: Acidic foods can also irritate removal sites and slow healing. Avoiding Hard or Chewy Foods Cut out all varieties of bread for at least 4 days. People often get their wisdom teeth removed to solve these problems. 941.929.7645 Call Now! Applesauce can feel cool and soothing on your mouth and is easy to eat after you’ve gotten your wisdom teeth out. It’s easy to chew and swallow. Oats are among the healthiest foods on the planet. Nothing hard or crunchy, nothing sticky, and nothing you have to suck or chew, and nothing hot in the first 24 hours, and nothing spicy or salty, so… that pretty much rules out anything but marshmallows out of the bag, (no s’mores). After a tooth extraction, proper aftercare is vital, as it helps promote clotting and protect the extraction site during the healing process. If you feel you can’t open fully at 2 weeks, give it another week and you should be good to go. The primary reasons you have to wait until about two weeks is that your jaw will be limited in how much it can open up until 2 full weeks. Eggs are among the best foods to eat after having your wisdom teeth out. Cottage cheese is also easy to incorporate into your diet. Pasta such as macaroni and cheese is perfect when well-cooked for your post wisdom teeth removal diet. Salmon is a rich source of protein and healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids (24). It is sometimes good to eat well prior to dental work because of some limitations following procedures, like numbness, bleeding, etc. If you are making a smoothie, make sure you add enough liquid to make your creation drinkable without a straw. Greek yogurt is a healthy high-protein food you can enjoy after dental surgery. Yes! Although inflammation is essential to the wound-healing process, excess inflammation can hinder recovery if it lasts too long (25). However, pain, inflammation, and jaw stiffness can make eating difficult after wisdom tooth removal. Other Post Wisdom Teeth Removal Care Instruction. Additionally, you should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours after surgery. After the first 24 hours of the extraction of the tooth, doctors provide “what to eat after wisdom teeth removal list” according to which you are allowed to consume soft foods, such as noodles, gelatin, cheese, pudding, and applesauce. After having teeth removed, it can be difficult to find foods that are filling and fulfilling while still being soft and easy to eat. Although there are no direct studies on the health effects of bone broth, studies on the components of bone broth suggest it may have anti-inflammatory benefits (2, 3). … As a result, the underlying bones and nerves are exposed to air, which causes pain and delays healing (26). You can slowly add soft foods after the first few days. Bone broth is a type of broth touted for its health benefits. For the first 14 days, just gently wipe your nose without actually blowing. When new bone is slower to grow in the empty socket, this is termed delayed healing. You can make hummus by blending chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, lemon and garlic in a food processor. It was a lot longer for me. can .in my humble opinion you can eat anything after the extraction as long as that eatable doesn’t have any sharp edges or very very small particles in it .you can eat anything you want provided that you … A wisdom tooth becoming impacted can lead to decay, infection, and inflammation of the surrounding soft tissue. While most fruits are high in carbs, avocados are low in carbs but high in healthy fats. Milkshakes are easy to make at home by adding pureed seedless fruit to milk. Wisdom teeth often only partially emerge from the gums or emerge at crooked angles. What you eat following your wisdom teeth removal is important. One of the most common questions we receive from patients who have just undergone a tooth extraction procedure is “what can I eat?” For at least 24 hours after your procedure, you should only consume soft food … If you want to make it even healt… The Recovery Room: News beyond the pandemic — December 4, Everything you need to know about dry socket, Everything you need to know about impacted wisdom teeth, mashed beans, such as kidney beans, black beans, or butter beans, pureed or mashed vegetables, such as carrots, parsnips, or broccoli.
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