She is also an awesome photographer and cook! 1. Als je net begint met acrylic pouring of zoals we het in het Nederlands noemen acrylgieten zal je niet direct met de duurste materialen willen beginnen en kan je zelf een recept pouring medium maken. A pouring medium is an additive used to create a thinner, flowing consistency in acrylic paint. When mixing thicker paints (heavy body and thicker soft body paints) don’t mix all your paint and pouring medium at once. For the recipe we did the following in each cup: 2 ounces Flood Floetrol prevent it from cracking and it also. Mixing Paint and Pouring Medium Prior to commencing a pour your will need to mix up your colours with the medium in cups or containers. Swirl gently to mingle colors. Please log in again. I don't get to spend a lot of time with my oldest but when I do we generally do a lot of laughing. 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Creating Cells and Memories – Acrylic Pouring Using Cookie Cutters, Discovering acrylic pouring cells by spraying silicone on the surface of a painting, Golden Fluid Acrylic – Quinacridone Magenta, Golden Fluid Acrylic – Ultramarine Violet, Golden High Flow Acrylic – Titanium White, How You Can Help – Harvey Recovery – Houston, Houston – My Family – And What You Can Do To Help, Golden Fluid Acrylic – Phthalo Blue ( Red Shade) –Â, Golden Fluid Acrylic – Iridescent Pearl –Â, Golden Fluid Acrylic - Phthalo Blue (Red Shade) -Â, Golden Fluid Acrylic - Iridescent Pear (Fine) -Â, For the Paint colors (NOT WHITE) we used the following ratios – 1 Part Paint: 1 Part GAC 800: 1 Part Alcohol. A pouring medium makes your paint more fluid and lengthens the working time. Another plus for using PVA glue as your pouring medium is that it is non-toxic. In the end, we had a blast, made some great art, and spent some quality time together. How to mix silicone in acrylic pouring mix. Enter Your Email Below to Receive Your FREE Acrylic Pouring Essentials Cheat Sheet: Black And White Acrylic Pouring Project With Recipe, Discover the BASIC SUPPLIES you need to create your own starter pack, ​​​​Yes, I Want My FREE Cheat Sheet.  For the painting in the video and seen above we made a list of the materials used in case you wanted to try some of this out. There is a recipe in the description. This artist grade fluid medium is incorporating an acrylic polymer with high resin solids and designed especially for pouring technique.  We like the results and decided to spray a little silicone on the painting at the end of the pour. Additives for safe Acrylic Pouring … Pouring medium is an essential ingredient in creating fluid artwork. 7. acrylic pouring cells. The paints were added to three separate cups and then poured over the canvas. Pouring medium itself has some properties that reduce crazing, extend the fluid acrylic and are leveling. In this video, I was teaching her how to make a resin art piece and using a straw to manipulate the materials. To begin, select your paint colours and a plastic cup for each of them.  James had a great time and the piece is going to look great when it dries. Our pouring medium recipe is made with a base of PVA craft glue, Acrylic Gloss Medium, Acrylic Retarder and water. 1 part Floetrol; 1 part Liquitex Pouring Medium; 1 part acrylic paint . 20 mls of paint. Add the pouring medium to the paint. Recipe 2. This pouring medium is ready to use with your acrylic paints. The most traditional method for using a pouring medium to create acrylic pour art requires whichever colours you wish to use, your pouring medium, and plenty of plastic cups. The best way to start out is to add a few drops and mix it into the acrylic paint pouring medium right before you pour. These glues are made from synthetic materials that do not create very much outgassing. For this painting, 150 grams of pouring medium was mixed with 150 grams of black paint. Yes, but some need to be used in combination with a more flowing vehicle (a color or medium). 2.  Some would call it a “dirty pour”. Don’t add … Why would you want to use this medium instead of Floetrol? 5. acrylic pouring recipe. Pouring Medium. Introducing water or other additives other than DecoArt's Pouring Medium into your paint may compromise the integrity of the paint's adhesion to the surface. So this afternoon we decided on a piece and started filming away. How to Mix Fluid Acrylic Paint for Pouring. You can dilute to craft paint with the medium up to 50% without affecting the binding of the paint to the canvas. Recipe 3.  Whitney is one of my greatest accomplishments and I am always in awe of what she can do. Though these pieces seem intense and challenging, they're actually easy to create in the comfort of your own home. Between the vibrant, complex color combinations and the dreamy, flowing patterns, artwork created through acrylic pouring can look absolutely stunning.  Last night her and I spent a little time together trying out the new technique and we had a lot of fun. It comes with the recipe so you don't have to guess about what to mix and what materials you need! Have a play and see what you end up with. Three Cup Dirty Pour Technique. You can find all the materials used in this project down below! We recommend that you first mix the paint very well with the Pouring Medium and then gradually add the water until the consistency is as described above. For the black paint mixture, add 10 drops. I was asked recently about the way in which I use pouring medium. So if your paint is thicker you’ll need more medium and potentially more water. Liquitex Pouring Medium is a professional and the most popular acrylic pouring medium on the market. 6. acrylic pouring medium. Enjoy this awesome and easy project! 003 How To: Mix Paints for an Acrylic Pour - Floetrol Recipe Apparently, certain pouring mediums are hard to find, out of stock or just plain expensive. Gradually add a little pouring medium and stir and repeat. I was asked about using Floetrol as a pouring medium and was interested in doing some tests. The black paint was a little on this thick side.  She just loves to make the magic happen and I love to watch her learn new things. Store-Bought Pouring Mediums; Liquitex Pouring Medium; Golden Acrylic GAC-800; Floetrol DIY Pouring Medium Recipe; 1 part distilled water; 2 parts Elmer's Glue-All (This is not the same as Elmer's School Glue) I am going to give this a try on some larger pieces I have a commission as it seems to work just fine under resin. Zoals ik al aangaf eerder is de pouring medium is samen met je acrylverf het belangrijkste ingredient voor het gieten van acrylverf. The painting dried beautifully and we are excited about the results. PVA Glue is Non-Toxic. #4.  Once the piece has fully dried we will post images to this blog. Giving each medium a try is the perfect way to develop your pouring skills and a great way to learn which medium works best for you!  Very little was done to manipulate the panel. This will ensure the thick paint gets integrated completely with the medium. This is a three flip cup pour but it is not a hard project at all!!! Basically, the recipe is medium bodied tube paint, water, 91% alcohol and Elmer’s glue. Unfortunately, this recipe of pouring medium does none of that, but for those that are cost conscious and want to try out colors without committing their more expensive mediums, this seems to be a pretty good alternative. With your nondominant hand take the canvas and put it, canvas side down, over the mouth of flip cup. I have also been asked by some to include a list of materials used in the video. Do NOT mix the silicone drops into your paint!!! how to make pouring medium, how to paint, acrylic paint, fluid painting, flow art, pour paintings. You’ll need about a 1:1 ratio of paint to pouring medium. #5.  Below is a list of the ingredients we used: After my girl Zoe and I painted her letter my oldest Whitney was ready to work on her letter. 10 mls of alcohol Click the yellow button below to get Instant Access to your FREE Cheat Sheet!  The best part was changing up how much was in each cup to get more purples or oranges or greens. Elmer’s Glue ALL (not school glue) or Floetrol (which can also be found at any home supply stores) are great to learn with. However, the right recipe for adding silicone into your acrylic pouring mix will largely come down to experimentation. Prepare your colours first in empty pots by mixing approximately one tablespoon of Liquitex Acrylic with one cup of Liquitex Pouring Medium. Successful fluid art is all about paint consistency. Since many acrylic paints are more matte, when combined with a pouring medium made of semi-gloss glue and water you get a shinier result when dried. To use: Mix enough pouring medium into your acrylic paint until you get a heavy cream like consistency. Once your paint is on the canvas, you can move it in any direction to get the … After logging in you can close it and return to this page. I managed to come up with a recipe that adds a nice balance of cells with minimal crazing. After the paint had settled we then sprayed a very light mist of silicone over the painting allowing the chemical to settle on top and create the cellular reaction. As far as what kind of acrylic paint, craft paint, house paint and artist acrylic … So below is a list of links to where you can purchase each item we used. Once you have your black and white paints mixed with your pouring medium in separate cups, you will need to add a few drops of silicone into each cup. I like to add it to half empty bottles of paint but you can mix it in other cups if your bottles are full. Copyright Danny Clark Art 2017. Finding the perfect recipe will take some time and experimentation, but here is a good starting point: 1 part acrylic paint; 1.5 parts of your chosen pouring medium Pouring Medium is a water-based product, designed to be mixed with water-based paints. So try it out and let me know what you think! After doing a little more research, I came up with a weighted pouring solution that is much less costly and easier to obtain. She also never holds back from telling me what she thinks. She is a pretty cool kid, and I think her art is top of the line! You can add Liquitex Glass Beads, Black Lava or White Flakes to create texture, or use something like Liquitex Iridescent Medium with a color or in combination with Flow Aid Additive or Pouring Medium. Pouring medium itself has some properties that reduce crazing, extend the fluid acrylic and are leveling. The acrylic pouring technique has created some truly awesome pieces of art. This week we did a little 8 inch canvas using some metallic paints and jewel tones. She has been begging for me to make a YouTube video on my channel of her and I making art. This Sunday afternoon my youngest and I made a little artwork. Acrylic Pouring Medium to Paint Ratio: Use 50/50 of this pouring medium to your Artist Loft Acrylic Flow white and black paints.  Cells were created instantly! 3 Parts Floetrol (300 grams) 2 Parts PVA glue, Elmer’s Glue or Modpodge (200 grams) 1 Part Pouring Medium (100 grams) ¼ part water (25 grams) Let rest for a few seconds. Cheap Pouring Medium Recipe: Mix 60% glue, 30% water, and 10% floetrol to make your pouring medium. I have found that Acrylic pouring in the UK can be very expensive because of a lack of reasonable priced pouring mediums. Unfortunately, this recipe of pouring medium does none of that, but for those that are cost conscious and want to try out colors without committing their more expensive mediums, this seems to be a pretty good alternative. Pouring medium recipe: Mix equal parts water and white glue in a jar and shake to mix. The paints were added to the cups and then poured over the canvas. For the white paint mixture, add 8 drops. Pouring Medium Recipes: Recipe 1. 1 part Liquitex Pouring Medium; 1 part vinyl glue; 1 part acrylic paint; some water . Acrylic Pouring is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,,, or • Mont Marte PVA Glue: 3 parts • Mont Marte Acrylic Gloss Medium: 1 part • … I like it because it’s reasonably priced and easy to come by. Pour your paint onto a 12x16 canvas just like you see on the video. This fluid paint recipe is based on my preferred supplies. The thickness of different supplies will change the ratios of your own recipe but this is a good place to start. To perfect my acrylic pour painting techniques, I designed a controlled experiment to test the Flood Floetrol or GAC 800 pouring mediums and rubbing alcohol as a replacement for the silicone. Tonight my son James and I hung out and worked on his letter J.  The kids are all really excited about hanging their own artwork on their walls and I am thrilled I get to do it with them.  So be sure to come back in a couple of days to see how it looks dried. Using a wooden stirrer to thoroughly combine all the … 125 grams of pouring medium were mixed with 125 grams of white paint for this painting. Pouring medium itself has some properties that reduce crazing, extend the fluid acrylic and are leveling. Alternate DIY Pouring Medium Recipe. Acrylic Pour Painting A Letter W For WHITNEY! Just follow the step-by-step process shown in the video above and use the instructions below for more details and to get the best results. The ratios of each part are outlined below and in our video tutorial. FREE Cheat Sheet for Beginners â€‹to Start Acrylic Pouring Easily. Jul 1, 2019 - this board is all about different techniques and acrylic pouring basics. Without getting into too much detail in writing, I put together a video explaining what they told me and a sample pour with a recipe for using floetrol. 2 parts vinyl glue; 1 part solo Goya Pouring Medium; 1 part acrylic paint; ½ Part water . For example, you could make a big batch or pouring medium by mixing 1800 g Glue, 900 g Water, and 300 g Flotetrol and storing it in a 1 gallon jug like this one. Conclusion on the Different Pouring Mediums Art Resin is another great resin to be used on paintings. Unfortunately, this recipe of pouring medium does none of that, but for those that are cost conscious and want to try out colors without committing their more expensive mediums, this seems to be a pretty good alternative. Watching her try to blow through a straw on the resin was more than funny. You can also utilise items like plastic straws and palette knives, but more on that later. This auction is for my pouring medium recipe, you will not receive any of the paintings in the photographs, the pictures are just some of the items I have made using my own homemade pouring medium. The measurements are by weight rather than volume, and each is equal. Holding the two together, place the canvas back into your pouring area, careful to keep the cup balanced on top.  Just like the last pour with Zoe we did a three cup pour for the letter W.  The results were pretty cool and as it dries we like it more an more. Ready to get started on this beautiful black and white acrylic pouring??? After the testing and a great conversation with the guys at Flood regarding the science behind floetrol, I found it to be a pretty good alternative. See more ideas about acrylic pouring techniques, acrylic pouring, fluid painting. How Do I Make Pouring Medium? For the White we used about 60cc of Floetrol and 10 drops of White High Flow Acrylic. 8. acrylic pour painting for sale. All Rights Reserved, Acrylic Pouring Painting A Letter J for my boy James – Triple Cup Dirty Pour. So its a pure 1 to 1 ration on all four ingredients. For example, you could make a big batch or pouring medium by mixing 1800 g Glue, 900 g Water, and 300 g Flotetrol and storing it in a 1 gallon jug …  This kid works hard in school, she raises animals in FFA, sings in the choir at church and tutors 5th graders every Wednesday. If you are looking for an easy, yet beautiful project, then you need to try this black and white acrylic pouring with artist loft paints. Here is the complete list of tools and materials you will need for this project. The best part of working with my youngest is that she is open to trying new things. how to varnish paintings, how to do acrylic pouring and fluid art. Using plastic cups, combine 1 part Paint, 2 Parts Pouring Medium and 1 part Water. Layer black and white paint into three separate cups like shown on the video. It helps to increase the paint flow and reduce the viscosity of heavier paints, while maintaining color, texture and opacity in your finished artwork. Cheap Pouring Medium Recipe: Mix 60% glue, 30% water, and 10% floetrol to make your pouring medium. The login page will open in a new tab. Hold your flip cup in your dominant hand.  However, after the painted dried they were not as interesting as the ones that appeared naturally. Depending on the technique, this liquefied paint is then poured into each other or tilted onto the canvas and distributed by tilting the painting surface. Here is a list of the products the we used: Teaching my 8 year old to paint using acrylic pouring medium and mixing colors is probably one of the most fun things I do each week. The ratio of paint to Pouring Medium may differ slightly if you are using inks or another brand of acrylic paint (student quality acrylic paints will require more colour). 6. acrylic pouring for beginners youtube. Floetrol is a paint additive found at your local Home Depot. Acrylic Pouring is a fascinating fluid painting technique. It is based on acrylic paint, which can be brought into a liquid, pourable consistency with the addition of a Pouring Medium and other additives as required. The pouring recipe I prefer is 1 part paint to 2 parts Floetrol. 1 part acrylic paint; 1.5 Parts of casting medium; 0.5 Part of distilled water . Take a look at the video for a detailed explanation.   Just like the last two pours, we did a three cup pour for the letter J.  The difference with this pour was that we used all primary colors to get a ton of mixed colors. Liquitex Pouring Medium.
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